Giant mutant rats invade Liverpool

Rats that are “as big as cats” are in the city and gorging on popular student leftovers.

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‘Mutant’ super rats have invaded Liverpool, and they’re hanging out in a gutter near you.

Rats that are “as big as cats” are squatting in the popular student areas of Kensington and Wavertree as they gorge on fast food waste.

Having moved up from Birmingham and London, the rats are immune to traditional forms of poison- causing one big problem for Liverpool City Council and pest controllers.

The mutant rats love hanging out in sewers and in the popular student area of Kensington

Sean Whelan, of Whelan Pest Prevention, said: “They’re like humans, they eat and eat and get bigger and bigger.”

They are also said to have a particular liking for student staples such as pizza and kebabs.

There has been a 15% increase in rat-based call-outs in Liverpool over the last year. The Council has reported call-outs were up to 2,008 calls in 2013, compared to 1,860 in 2012 and 1,916 in 2011.

Students dumping fast food leftovers is a rat’s dream come true

Pest controllers and health and safety officials are panicking due to the rodents’ immunity to warfarin- a blood-thinning drug- and bromadiolone (also known as ‘super-warfarin’), which was only approved by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in 2012.

Despite its relatively contemporary status, even this is no longer working.

We can guarantee these super rats are no where near as cute as this little critter

Pest controllers are now looking for new and stronger bait to stem the flow and spread of the vermin, but applications to the government are not known for their speed.

… and definitely not as cute as this little mouse

Residents are warned to not drop rubbish, make sure bins are closed and secured, and don’t shove discarded food into overflowing public bins.

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