Things Only English Students Will Understand

“You speak an infinite deal of nothing”- William Shakespeare

Because life is actually really hard as an English student.

1. Counting on SparkNotes to provide you with adequate summary about a book you’ll be discussing in tomorrow’s seminar.



2. Telling people you want to do something “different” after your degree like teaching English abroad.



3. Nodding along pretending you’re aware of every author under the sun when in reality you always assumed “George Elliot” was a man…


4. After spending hours on an essay about the significance of a full stop, receiving feedback that makes you question why you chose a completely subjectively marked subject.


5. When you tell other (science based) students you’re doing an English degree and their reaction is something like this…


6. Attending a lecture with no presentation and a hand out full of quotes that the lecturer chooses to reread incase we had forgotten how to ourselves.


7. Spending your allocated reading hours on episodes of Made in Chelsea.


8. Watching the film instead of reading the book as nobody has time after spending a whole seven hours in uni that week.


9. Being secretly jealous of all other societies as English socials consist of entertaining ourselves with a fake beard.


10. When someone disagrees with your interpretation.


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