Why the Uni gym is taking the hockey stick

The Tab’s GEORGIA KEATING on why that uni gym membership is really not worth the hassle.


We all wish we had the will power to go to the gym two, three, four times a week. Before we had no time or money with the stress of A-levels and the not so limitless bank of mum and dad.

Now we’re at uni with a hefty student loan. Perfect. Now I’m going to become a gym goer, I’ll be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger.  It is oh so easy to fall into this  trap.

Think again people because this is not the case.

There you are in Freshers’ fair; young and eager. Visions of yourself as an avid gym goer. Getting up early before uni and hitting the treadmill, swimming between seminars, limbering up after lectures…

The reality?

Hangovers, takeaways and TV.

The payment system is not exactly student friendly; £120 for the year (and that’s without the luxury of the actual gym facilities), plus you can’t pay monthly like in other gyms. Don’t even try and kid yourself you’re going to use it all the time. What happens during exam time?  Hangover days? Essay deadlines? And just about every other day of the year.

Students in general are not the fittest of sorts (physically speaking). In fact, most of us pile on the pounds in first year.  Damn those Carnatic breakfasts.  So the thought of going to the gym after a long day at uni is the last thing on our minds.

It would be so much better if you could sign up monthly and choose the exact months to work for that body to die for.  I joined the gym in first year as an eager beaver, spent over 100 quid and did not go once. I’m not exaggerating. Not once.

Instead of paying the ridiculous fee why don’t you make your own gym? It’s cheaper, no queues, no awkward bumping into the guy you were with the other night and, the best reason of all, no looking all shit and sweaty in public. Perfect.

A few weights, an exercise ball, a mini trampoline and you’re set. Throw in some protein shakes for good measure. Granted you’d have to spend a lot more for a treadmill etc. but look how happy they are after having a home gym sesh…

When asked why they didn’t join the uni gym, these boys said: “you have to wait around for ages and the uni gym is always really busy.”

So you have to queue with a sea of onlookers waiting to use your treadmill. Nobody wants that, especially when your paying nearly 200 quid for the privilege… we are students after all.

Don’t waste your money. You have to queue, it’s always packed and it’s just not worth it. Uni’s not for getting fit. Relax have a beer, a carlitos and watch The Great British Bake Off. You can join the gym next year.

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