Georgia Keating

Georgia Keating
Liverpool University


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Don’t use the library computers if you’re going to be a knob

Getting a computer in the library these days is a mammoth task involving ninja-like senses to grab one as soon as someone leaves before the onslaught begins. Students should just start obeying computer library etiquette.

No one is ready to leave uni after three years

Can’t wait to finish uni? Sadly for most of us this could not be further from the truth.

Stop stressing, you don’t need a first!

People are saying that a first is the new 2:1 – well what a load of trollop

Why Arts students don’t get value for money

With three year courses resulting in 27 grand debt for all students, you’d think that your degree was value for money. It’s not like we have state of the art equipment or teaching facilities, so where on earth is our dosh going?

Why people should get involved in LSRadio

When I first came to uni I thought student radio would be at the heart of student life. But when LSRadio has so much to offer, why are students not tuning in?

Why you should never nominate yourself for guild president

If no one else is nominating you, should you really be nominating yourself? No, no you should not

Why Valentine’s Day is so not worth it

Yes it’s that time of year again, a night to either spend with your loved one or drown your sorrows. It’s a ridiculous tradition which has stood the test of time and yet grows more fake with every red rose sold.

Chesters is the best takeaway, end of

It’s the crème de la crème of takeaways

You’ll never get anything done if you revise in the library

That central heating for one

Liverpool vs JMU

One is renowned as a world leading University and the other…well, no one quite knows what it’s renowned for, but it’s got a really nice library.

Battle of the Halls

Our essential guide to which halls are best.

Why Med is so not worth it

Overpriced entry, monumental queues, and appalling music. Why does anyone even go to Med?

Why the Uni gym is taking the hockey stick

The Tab’s GEORGIA KEATING on why that uni gym membership is really not worth the hassle.