Mourning Magnet

The Magnet, home to Juicy, BeatFeast and more, has put up its lease for sale.

BeatFeast Club closure Hardman Street Juicy LDMS the magnet

Liverpool’s only 24 hour licensed club, The Magnet, has this week announced its closure.

Magnet appealed to everyone, from its reserved upstairs bar to its underground party

The shocking news will leave an enormous gap in the market as The Magnet was celebrated for its alternative vibe.

Juicy is Liverpool’s biggest Thursday night, now in need of a new venue

The announcement comes amidst a wave of success for the club, located on Hardman Street, which has recently celebrated its 50th birthday.

Back in 2007, GQ Magazine voted it the 29th best bar in the world.

The end is nigh for our beloved Magnet

The Magnet boasts a welcome relief from the chaos of Concert Square, with its set back location meaning the party continued all night long.

Some of the city’s biggest nights, including Juicy, Itchy Feet and UoL’s very own LDMS, now have to find alternative venues to host their sell out events.

Itchy Feet also needs a new location to host its massive event

Tab favourite, this review illustrates just a few reasons as to why The Magnet‘s closure will devastate Liverpool.

The Magnet has always been The Tab’s favourite

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