Vote: What’s the worst thing about Liverpool?

We asked for your suggestions. Now we call on you to vote to help The Tab build a better city.

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Last week The Tab asked you to tell us what grinds your gears in the city of Liverpool. After cutting through the sarcasm, of which there was an awful lot, we’ve come up with a shortlist. 

Here we make the case for each ‘worst thing’. You can vote for your (least?) favourite at the end. The Tab will award the dubious title of ‘worst thing in Liverpool’ to the poll-winner. At least that way the ‘worst thing’ will come out on top of something.


The nightlife

If you’re after cheese you’re in the right place, but where to go for a decent night out? What about some decent local bands, for those of us who aren’t addicted to the Top 40. This is the city of the Beatles, after all.


The architecture

Obviously an alien spacecraft

Alright, Liverpool One’s not too bad and the bit by the docks is ok, but how often do you go down there to look at stuff? We can’t get our head around the Met Cathedral and the blocks of concrete greeting you at the station aren’t welcoming at all.


The weather

To be honest, you could say this about anywhere in the country, but an average of 859mm of rain a year is enough to damped anyone’s spirits. We’re wetter than Manchester for goodness sake.



Tunstall Street

Who lives here?

Closely related to the architecture problem, but a little more ‘student-focused’, this street is soulless. Just off Smithdown Road, it’s been boarded up as long as The Tab can remember. It’s about as welcoming as a bag full of snakes.


The locals

Town v gown is an eternal problem in great university cities like ours. We move here as outsiders, try to settle into the city and have a good time. But however hard you try, it’s almost impossible to decipher what they’re saying. Maybe there should be a course or something?


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