From the pre’s to the cheesy chips: The ultimate guide to a Lincoln night out

Can you make it to the pole in Scene at 5am?

Lincoln has an amazing student nightlife that’s worth making the most of while a student here. But with the number of great bars and clubs to choose from, it’s hard to navigate all that Lincoln has to offer on a budget. So, from the first shots at pre’s to eating nuggets on the stumble home, here’s a guide to the ultimate student night out in Lincoln.

Pre’s at home

This is the essential start to most student nights out. Starting at home means cheaper drinks, an easy place to meet up and finish getting ready to go out, and total control of the playlist. No pre’s are complete without a few drinking games to get the conversation going and get the group a little less sober for the night ahead. With the right atmosphere, a good pre’s is the best way to set the mood for the makings of an epic night.

Drinks at the Bar

Making a stop at Red Five or Trebles before the club first gives you a chance to get some conversation in before loud club music makes talking impossible. After you make the most of student deals with a cocktail and a bomb or two, it’s only a short walk up the high street (or through the back door at Trebles) to get you right where you need to be to join the Superbull line.

While Lincoln is home to a range of great bars, nothing quite beats the atmosphere of these 2 student spots. Red five’s indie vibe along with a more chillout seat setting gives calm-before-the-storm energy, a place to have relaxed chats with your mates and a good laugh without all the business of other bars before you let loose for the evening.

Cheaper drinks are a plus of course and help appeal to Trebles’ student clientele, but as the go-to spot for most student nights out you’re sure to bump into at least a few people you know while there. Trebles are always guaranteed to be alive with activity, from the groups standing around the bar to those sitting out in the smoking area to cool off, people are everywhere. Plus, it’s a good place to take advantage of the photo booth for some somewhat sober photos before the club.

The Club

The institution known as the Superbull club night is a compulsory end-of-week event for any Lincoln student looking for a place to end up Friday night. The iconic 3 floors, Bierkeller, Void, and the newly refurbished Level, give loads of choices no matter the music or vibe you’re going for. Get a photo with the Superbull, pick up an iconic Keller stein, and dance until you fall off the benches (you’ll be lucky to leave without one or two bruises on your shins).

Lincoln’s biggest club has got you covered if you can’t make it to Bull on a Friday night. Home is always a hotspot for clubbers, with its iconic main floor hosting events from student club nights to celeb visitors. A venue so big you’re guaranteed to lose a few friends and make a few more in an effort to find them.

Still out after 3 am? It only takes a short walk to get to arguably Lincoln’s most fabulous club Scene to keep the party going. Open until six in the morning, this is the perfect opportunity to show all your friends your best dance moves on Scene’s dance poles to finish off a great night out.

Last but not least, finish with food

A bit peckish on your way home? You can’t go wrong with any one of the city’s most popular late-night takeaway spots. Hunters is the go-to destination for your cheesy chip and kebab cravings, and it’s always a friendly atmosphere to bond with strangers over food.

After the shots and the cocktails mix, sometimes all you crave are some nuggets and a burger. The long line at Maccies is often where drunk students end up for their fast-food needs. Any of these gourmet meals are sure to sober you up enough to help you make your way to bed (or double up as a hangover breakfast the next day).

While you may cringe at any photo evidence of your late-night shenanigans the next morning, at least you’ll know you’ve had an epic night out.

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