Clubbers of the week: we got some funky pics in week six

Halloween continued to bring the energy and you were all here for it

Reading Week is one week away *insert images of people piling up laundry to take home, dreaming of real food and neighbours that don’t blast DnB at 3am*. With this in mind, Lincoln students have taken it upon themselves to make the most of this week’s events, from Halloween to Bull, you’ve been to them all. Here are our clubbers of the week.

Album Cover of the week

The make-up is a little Slip Knot-esque

Runners up

Your coordination is reminiscent of an early 00s girl bands – very Y2K

A club anthem on making friends?

Creeper of the week

A very apologetic creeper this week, you took the time to pose a little to save the photo

Runners up

This creeper is very much giving Jack Sparrow energy

When you can’t reach your face into a shot, your arms will do

Dancing Queen of the week

The most adorable dancing duo

Runners up

His moves are so good he managed to create room on the dancefloor

We’ve all pulled the ‘songs so good I must shut my eyes to truly hear this’ pose

Hero of the week

The fact people remember this 188 advert from years ago is astounding

Runners up

The real hero here is HP on the right, points for dressing up sir

You’re both heroes in my mind, these costumes are AMAZING

Squad of the week

What’s better than one Scooby-Doo? TWO Scooby-Doos!!

Runners up

Every outfit here is phenomenal, this squad knows how to create good looks

Bully has a squad for every occasion, kind of like Barbie

Stunner of the week

Our stunners of the week know their angles

Runners up

It girls if ever you did see them, looking amazing

Your costumes are fabulous and so are you

Unhappy Clubber of the week

Classic wind-up finger

Runners up

He’s just checking his e-mails mid-Despacito

Bags make perfect covers if you don’t wish to be seen

WTF of the week

Because the game never stops

Runners up

You’ve heard of weeping angles, welcome to sleeping angels

I’m hoping you didn’t write that on your own shirt

Photo credits: Patrick Axe @ Axholme Media Productions

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