12 ways to say you go to Uni of Lincoln without actually saying it

I’m not like other girls, my favourite animals are swans

As students at Lincoln Uni, it’s safe to say most people can tell just by looking at us. Whether it’s the old freshers’ hoodies we wear on laundry days or our Snapchat stories filled with pictures of swans, it’s pretty easy to pick us from a crowd. So, if you’ve ever wondered, or just a fan of TikTok (no shame), here’s a list of the ways you can say “I go to the University of Lincoln” without actually saying the words.

1. Hoodie

Your first-ever gift from Lincoln. It doesn’t need to be said: if you own one, you are a Lincoln Uni student. However, if you make the decision to wear it, not by accident, it’ll mean one of two things: you are a fresher, or, it is literally the only clean thing in your wardrobe.

I mean, I’m kidding, she’s stunning.

2. The commons

As soon as the sun comes out, any Lincoln student knows it’s time to ditch the online seminar, or bring it with you, and head to West or South common. The perfect spots to lay in the sun with your mates, eat snacks and drink as much booze as you were able to carry there between you.

Honourable mentions to my faves, Liquorice park and the Arboretum 😉

3. The Engine Shed and Quack cups

If you are a Lincoln Uni student, you will have spent your first year collecting Engine Shed and Quack cups from your favourite event every Wednesday. Unless you actually remembered to return them for money, your cupboards now look something like this:


My heart goes out to this year’s Freshers who have yet to experience Quack. Your day will come 🙁

4. Train crossing

I know this is mentioned in, like, every Lincoln-related article but you can’t deny it is a huge part of the Lincoln Uni student experience. With the heavy bag of work on your shoulder and the meal deal in your arms, the last thing you want to do is wait at the crossing. But you do.

No way are you climbing the stairs.

5. The Swan and Towers

After your long day at the library, one of these is your next stop. Well, since the Swan’s recent announcement, we’ll all be heading to Towers. This is kind of obvious but if you spend your time here, you are a Lincoln student. I don’t blame you, there’s nothing better than a drink with your mates on the benches outside.

Until May 17th, sweet prince

Even in the cold, it’s worth it.

6. Primark bag

With shops recently opening back up, any Lincoln student would be lying if they said they hadn’t been in Lincoln’s Primark yet. If you are a uni student here, we can expect to see you carrying a Primark bag and, let’s be honest, it’s because you are on your way to return whatever you bought in your Primark-reopening excitement. We love our city but for the best shopping trip, we Lincoln students will get on a train to Nottingham.

Let’s hope whatever replaces our Topshop turns out to be good. I’m hoping for a Zara or, omg imagine, an Urban Outfitters.

7. Minerva

Other than the library, this is the place Lincoln Uni students go to write those phat essays when deadlines are getting scarily close. It has the best vibes and the cafe is 10/10.

Study sesh

The vending machines also get a big thumbs up.

8. Spoons breakfast

If you need the bribe of a cheap breakfast with your mates in order to get up early, I’m sorry, you are a Lincoln Uni student. Whether it be the Square Sail or the Ritz, you really do… get what you pay for.

Hi bby

At 10 am, it’s either this or a Maccies.

9. The wind

As a Lincoln student, you’ll know to dress in accordance with our windy city. If you’re planning a trip up to the cathedral, you know it is no place for summer dresses or skirts. In fact, if you’re truly a Lincoln student, you’ll know not to bother with the trip at all. Unless, of course, you’re one of the unlucky ones who rented a house up there because you thought, “it won’t be that bad”.

It’s that bad

Also, if you call the cathedral “Cathy D”, need I say more?

10. Trebles for singles

Possibly the best drinks deal a Lincoln bar has to offer. No, for you outsiders it’s not a special price for 3 drinks for singletons. Rather, you get 3 shots in your drink for the price of 1. For those who want to be 3x drunker than the students at other bars, or, the losers who couldn’t get in.

You can’t sip with us

This is not sponsored, I’m just a big fan and, if you are a Lincoln Uni student, you are too.

11. Scene

On bars and clubs, every Lincoln Uni student knows the Scene is one of the city’s absolute gems. Open until 6 am (pre-pandemic) it passes the vibe-check in being Lincoln’s favourite club where you can literally dance until the sun comes up. Can’t wait to see you again, Scene.

Good things come in small, rainbow packages

Also, I’m beyond gutted to have missed out on the Lawrence Chaney tickets.

12. The swans, geese and ducks

How could this list feel complete without mentioning the beautiful residents of the Brayford? No, I’m not talking about Brayford Quey. Lincoln’s swans, geese, ducks, etc are my favourite part of our city. If you’re the Lincoln uni student I hope you are, you will agree. If you stop to take a picture of a swan on your way to a study sesh, you are, without a doubt, a Lincoln Uni student.

The cutest ever

We are the biggest swan fan club. Well, apart from the queen, I suppose.

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