What type of Lincoln student are you based on how you’re spending lockdown?

How you’ve been spending lockdown can say a lot about you. Here’s what we think:

After the past few months of staying at home, you might have started to get creative with the ways you spend all this extra time.

Perhaps you’re making the best of a bad situation by perfecting a new skill, baking, or getting fit – if so, there’s no doubt you’re making sure everyone knows it by posting everything online. Instead, you might be binge-watching your favourite Disney movies or T.V shows that you’ve already seen a countless amount of times. Or maybe your time is better spent by simply catching up on beauty sleep.

Either way, this is how we imagine you’d be like at uni.

The Baker

The kitchen has become your haven. Your time is either spent kneading dough or breathing clouds of icing sugar. Maybe you have a shrine dedicated to Mary Berry hidden in a kitchen cupboard… Either way, you’ve definitely mastered the banana bread recipe nobody asked you for.

*Chef’s kiss.*

Baking is a long-standing passion of yours, and the lockdown has only made you more invested. At uni, you were known as the chef of the flat and baking on a budget is your most valuable talent. You get on with everyone: half because of your personality and half because of your red velvet cheesecake.

Alternatively, you were terrible in the kitchen pre-lockdown. With all this extra time on your hands, you decided it might be time to learn more than just how to set the oven to the right temperature. Failing that, the microwave is your best friend.

Bon appetite, baby.

The Hard-worker

“I have more work to do now than I did when I was actually at uni.”

Unlucky bunch, you are. Two months into a pandemic and the uni’s still setting you mountains of online work. You’re spending your days either squinting at a laptop screen, panicking over deadlines, or stuck on awkward Zoom calls with your tutors.


You’re a proud member of whatever academic society promised you during freshers would help you with your degree. Do law? No doubt you’re in the law society. But does it help? No. Do you even attend the socials? Of course not. If you’re not at Spoons with a cocktail pitcher, your favourite night out is Bounce every Thursday. Because you’re weird, you don’t want to fit in.

“I’m so stressed.”

Plus, every other day of the week you have reserved for all-nighters at the library.

The Gym Bunny

“I’ve been eating well and losing weight.”

It could be that you’ve never felt better: for you, the word “quarantine” looks a lot like “holiday”. You’ve been working out and eating clean, perhaps even dipping your toes into vegetarian/veganism. Put short, you’re thriving.

Mr Messi Jr.

You are CEO of posting mirror photos of your body on your Snapchat story, just to remind everyone that you are, in fact, fit. We stan body confidence. At uni, you are part of a sports society and, whether it’s the actual team or just social, you will use any opportunity you get to let everyone know. You’ll most likely be found downing at least four VKs at Quack every Wednesday night whilst dressed up as various group costume themes with your society. In the week, you try to convince your friends to go to spin class with you.

“I’m keeping fit by going on runs and bike rides.”

Listen, we’re not going unless the instructor is fit.

The Influencer

“Meeting new people online.”

You miss social interaction so much that you’re now addicted to what’s second best, social media. You take your streaks on Snapchat extremely seriously: every morning you’re creating works of art to send to your uni friends just to entertain yourself. Then you go to Instagram to update your “30-day song challenge”.

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Pres at uni is just another opportunity for you to get dressed up and have a photoshoot for Instagram. Then you force your tipsy friends into learning Tik Tok dances. On a night out, you prefer shots: it gets the job done quicker and drunk photos make you look like a fun person on Tinder.

“The best part of quarantine is getting to know someone so stunning and amazing online.

A quarantine love story?

The Lazy One

“Losing brain cells and napping a lot.”

You haven’t seen a whole lot of sunlight in quarantine. By keeping snacks in your room and staying in bed with the curtains closed, you have created a loop in time where you never have to leave. Day to night to morning, the days are blurring into one and you couldn’t care less.

Eat, sleep, (rave if you can be bothered), repeat.

Your life at uni is no different. Sometimes you show up to lectures, sometimes you don’t. You picked Lincoln uni because the city is fairly small; less distance to walk.  If you have the energy to go out, it’ll only be for one of Blah Blah Blah’s themed music events at Moka on a Saturday night. You like to flex about your “alternative” music taste. The first question you ask on a date is: “Do you like The 1975?”

“Ruining my sleeping pattern and waking up around midday.”

Everyone needs their beauty sleep.

The Gamer

“Playing Xbox, the Sims, or Animal Crossing all night.”

To you, staying inside means never going outside. You stay up until 4 am most nights to play computer games and crack open a cold one with the boys. If you weren’t still playing Fortnight in 2020, this would honestly be a great way to spend your time. You only see your family members when you stop to get food in between your ill-timed sleep schedule.

How’s my form?

At freshers, the Gaming Society welcomed you with open arms after you disclosed to them your secret love for World of Warcraft. Your uni week consists of going to Keller every night out because you make up for your bad taste in video games for a good taste in music.

The Nostalgic one

“I’ve been Facetiming everyone.”

You are a part of the most wholesome group of people you could meet at uni. Every day of quarantine is another day spent missing your friends. Your favourite thing right now is chats with your friends on FaceTime whilst you tag each other in memes. Over lockdown, you’ve ordered cards and presents to each other’s houses because it was their birthday and you missed it or, you just miss them.

Happy birthday!

When you’re with your friends at uni, you know the best night out is Moka’s Superbull on a Friday night. You love it so much, you buy your tickets in advance. At pres, you vibe to your collaborative playlists and your favourite drink is vodka mixed with anything you have in the fridge. Sometimes it’s orange juice, maybe coke or lemonade on a good day. Other times, it’s milk.

“I’m missing my best friend.”

When we drink with … they get it down in 8!

The over-achiever

“Trying to teach myself German and Japanese.”

You’re using your time effectively. You won’t let a pandemic come between you and your education. Instead of sleeping until noon, you are up early enough to see the sunrise, ready to perfect your new skill of making iced coffees you saw on Pinterest.

Go hard or go home.

At uni, you are at the top of your classes and you use the library as an actual library rather than just a bathroom stop on a night out. You probably sit close to the tutor during lectures because the back rows are full of the ‘cool kids’. A perfect night for you is when your flatmates go out, leaving the whole place to yourself. Now you can binge-watch your favourite documentaries without the judgement of being thrilled about a serial killer.

“They’re genuinely interesting if you just watch them.”

If you say so…

The Emotional One

“I have been constantly crying.”

Now, this is a mood. Perhaps quarantine has gotten you in your feels and now you’re spending a lot of your time wrapped in a blanket, overthinking. This is a hard time, so we don’t blame you at all. Maybe a night of self-care would do you well: bring the spa to your home, and the news away from your T.V.

“No tears left to cry.” Thank you, Miss Grande.

At uni, all of your flatmates have seen you cry at some point. It’s okay because they know exactly how to cheer you up. Your favourite night out is anywhere, as long as it ends with you all in Scene until 5 am. Lockdown got you feeling emotions? Sometimes all you need is to scream out some classic diva ballads alongside the most uplifting people in the city: drag queens.

“I’m never leaving the house because I’m scared.”


The Darkfruits Twitter One

“Partying by myself all day everyday.”

Can’t go to a festival this year? No problem, just bring the festival to your back garden. Nothing can get you down and your neighbours will love you for it. Your dream is to see the Arctic Monkeys headline Reading & Leeds Fest… There’s always next year.

Festivals 2020, see you next year. x

At uni, you go hard every Tuesday night at Union.  The crowds and laser lights make it the perfect place to just let go and rave. You are the life of the party. When it’s your turn to host pres, you are well-equipped with speakers, disco lights, and drinking games. Congratulations on being cooler than all of us.

“Feeling more positive about everything.”

The Kings and Queens of quarantine.

And finally,

“I’m surviving.”

Thank you for continuing to stay safe and stay home.

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