Here’s what to expect at 2Q Festival on Saturday

It’s back and bigger than ever

2Q Festival is set to take place across nine venues for the third year running this Saturday, and we are so ready to get our gig shoes on and get stuck in.

The festival, that has previously hosted names such as Circa Waves, Peace and Tom Grennan, is promising another big year of live music for just £30 (cheaper than a regular night out).

So to give you a taste of what to expect, we have put together a list of all the great things the festival has to offer on this rainy weekend.

Value for money

For £30 general admission, or £22 student price, the day offers almost 12 hours of live music and nine different venues to choose from.

Each venue offers a different genre of music, environment and crowd which gives plenty of option to explore around the city.

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Better value than getting a Naked smoothie with your Tesco meal deal

A new found love for live music

If you're a veteran of live gigs then you will know, but if you're not, then get to know.

Seeing a live band is the best way to experience music and there's no doubt 2Q will provide the crowd to go along with it.

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Let's go surfing

Realising that nothing like this happens all year

It's no secret that Lincoln's live scene basically doesn't exist, and the only choice we have is to watch Disney films in someones flat, or have pres then end up in a club somewhere.

But 2Q has made itself a home for people to come together to celebrate live music once a year, and this time, they are hosting an afterparty too.

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Wishing we were this cool

Getting into a mosh in your fave nightclubs

Red Five, Home and Moka are just a few of the places on the map of the festival this year, and with most live music, comes some sort of mosh pit.

There's no better feeling than relieving some uni stress than pushing some strangers around and screaming the words to music, right?

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'Mate, hold on, I lost my glasses.'

The most fun you could ever possibly imagine

There's just some places where it's impossible to be unhappy, and 2Q is one of them.

You will meet loads of new people, learn some really bad jokes from a bands frontman in-between songs, and dance uncontrollably to music all day and night.

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'That joke I just made was the best one yet'

If 2Q feels like it might be a bit of you, then head to the 2Q website to grab the last remaining tickets!

Image credit: Eleanor Freeman, Beki Doig and Pete Taylor 2018, 2Q Festival – Gallery