This Lincoln student lost his whole dissertation TWO DAYS before his deadline

He still managed to complete it in 27 hours, (what a hero)

Wesley Callison, third year Media Production student at Lincoln University, lost his dissertation two days before hand in after accidentally deleting it off his desktop.

After a couple of breakdowns, and considerations of dropping out, he managed to re-write and hand in his dissertation in just 27 hours.

Here we break down the story of exactly how it happened, from the words of the legend himself…


"I had just finished, was proof reading through, got about half way and decided I’ll close it, I’ve done enough, I'll proof read the rest tomorrow.

"Closed it, saved it, went and made a cuppa.

"When I came back, I sat down and thought, my computer at the moment is an absolute shit tip.

"So I thought, right lets clear all this out and make my desktop look nice again, free up some storage.

"This is where I made my FIRST MISTAKE."

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Why do I even bother?!

"On my computer, on the right side of the screen I have all of my uni work folders, and on the left I have all of my screenshots.

"At some point, I must have accidentally took the folder with my dissertation onto the left.

"So, when I cleaned out my computer, I dragged all my files from the left of my screen into the trash and emptied it.

"Bye bye dissertation."

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30 hours left…

"With 30 hours left until hand in, it hit me. I thought shit. I’ve just deleted my dissertation.

"I decided to go to sleep because I had already just finished a whole dissertation and I was really tired.

"When I woke up, I went to my friends house and considered dropping out, but he convinced me I had already come far enough so I had to do it.

"So I thought, fuck it why not. I’ve written essays in a night before and if I can write a dissertation in a night I can do anything."

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Biting the bullet…

"With 27 hours remaining, I just decided to crack on and get it done.

"I didn't shower and ate quick meals which was sweaty and absolutely disgusting but I managed to get it done, which I’m so proud about.

"I mean, it wasn't as good as the first one I wrote, and I don't think I will have got more than a third to be honest.

"But, I did it, and I'm proud."

"If anything, it has taught me a lesson. Being a photographer, it just shows that if this was work for a client it would really ruin my reputation, so I've realised I have to be more careful in the future."

The current record in The Tab history stands at an astonishing 14 hours.

To all of you out there, and to Wes, we commend you for your bravery and determination in these difficult times.