“I look like an extra from Jeremy Kyle”: Student loses front tooth on a night out

At least his Halloween outfit is sorted

Ever woken up the morning after and not have any idea what happened the night before?

That’s exactly what Hendrik James, a third year Journalism student, thought when he looked in the mirror to find half his tooth missing.

“I look like an extra from Jeremy Kyle.”

The trainee journo stumbled out of a club the Tuesday before last after downing a drink that was bought for his friend.

He’s going to have fun with his new look

His intoxicated state led to a few face-plants, chundering whilst passed out and his friends calling an ambulance.

Once at hospital not only did Hendrik discover that one of his many encounters with the pavement that night had resulted in the loss of his front tooth, but also that he had been spiked with ketamine.

“Apparently I was just screaming for them to get my tooth back or for my mum.”

He was told by dentists that as there was no tooth to work with, they couldn’t do anything until the end of November.

Making the most of having a half a tooth, he has now learnt to balance a cigarette through the hole, he said: “It is a serious thing, but now I know I’m alright I’m just going to have fun with it.”

Watch out for Hendrik this Halloween as will be dressing up as a pirate – no blacked out teeth required.