A broke student’s alternative to dominos

How to make yourself a deliciously cheesy pizza with next to no money.

So you’re craving pizza but the bank balance is in the negatives and your cupboards are almost bare. Don’t worry – cheesy, gooey goodness is not as far away as you think.

Makes one pizza.

  • Three tablespoons plain flour
  • Olive oil (any flavourless oil is fine really)
  • Salt
  • Desired toppings.
  1. Put your flour in a bowl.

pizza 1

Make sure it’s lump free. Add a pinch of salt and stir thoroughly.

  1. Add 30ml of oil and 100ml of cold water adding more cold water as needed.

pizza 2

pizza 3

You should get stretchy pale dough. If it’s too sticky add another sprinkle of flour.

  1. Tip it out and roll it flat.

pizza 4

You’re looking for it to be just under a centimeter thick.

  1. Top that beaut.

pizza 5

Whatever you can afford be it margharita, bbq sauce, pepperoni or onions, go to town. You can also fold your pizza in half to make it a calzone.

  1. Sizzle time.


pizza 6

pizza 7

Get a large frying pan with a bit of screaming hot oil, lay your masterpiece in it and let it cook. You can turn frequently, but you’re looking for some colour on each side. If you’ve not folded it, just give it two to three minutes to crisp up and then whack it into a preheated oven. Don’t stress if it breaks, all tastes the same in the end.

  1. Serve your delicious creation.

pizza 8

Just be careful that your flatmates don’t want in on the action.