5 minutes with… a fashion blogger

We Spend our latest 5 minutes with a fashion blogger, Lottie Lucas

Lottie Lucas is an English student at the university with a secret love of fashion blogging. We spoke to Lottie and found out some of her tips and advice on starting a fashion blog. 

Where did you interest for fashion blogging come from?

As a child I would go to London with my notebook and write down what I saw people wearing in the street, giving them little ratings.  I have had my blog for just over a year and a half now, and I found myself constantly re-blogging outfits that other users had put together.  It seemed natural to start a fashion blog of my own to put some of my own ideas out there.


What’s your favourite outfit on your blog?

It’s a grey top from H&M with gold detailing, a sheer maxi skirt, shorts from American Apparel, and cut out boots from River Island. I got the maxi skirt on sale and have been so in love with it ever since, and it’s a really good outfit to accessorise.


What’s the first thing you notice about someone else’s outfit?

Their shoes, closely followed by jewellery. I usually plan an outfit around my shoes.  Jewellery shows an attention to detail; a person could wear the simplest outfit but the jewellery is what makes it.

If you could only have three items in your wardrobe, what would they be?

Number one would be a really good leather handbag, because they last for years and are so practical.

Number two would be a black bodycon dress – on my last count I have eight.  You can dress it up or you can literally throw it on at the last second.  The last is an oversized vintage denim jacket, because I never take mine off as it is.


What would be your advice for someone wanting to start blogging?

I would say to stay active, post regularly and be consistent.  Interact with other bloggers and be accessible to your followers.

Also I would recommend unashamedly plugging your blog wherever you can – when I first started my blog I would leave links on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  This was probably really irritating at the time but I was definitely putting myself out there!