Meet the Teams: Part 1

Introducing Lincoln’s Karate, Surfing and Snow Sports teams.


Lincoln Karate 1The Karate society is a very ‘friendly society’ according to 1st Dan black belt social secretary; Chris Mardon. ‘Most people haven’t done self-defence before and we’re all about teaching people new stuff and having fun.’

However there will be the chance to show off your karate moves in the BUCS Karate championships that Chris and the rest of the society hope to be competing in, especially as they didn’t take part last year.

Initiation wise, Chris said that the Karate initiation will be ‘doing challenges such as drinking with every committee member and to take a piece of clothing from another member, and some others that we won’t reveal yet.’

So freshers should not be worried about brutal and humiliating initiations from this society. Although it sounds like you may wake up the next day with a brutal hangover.


Lincoln Surfing 1

A growing popular society at Lincoln is the Surfing society with over 50 people already on the Facebook page. When not surfing off the British coast (which the society try and do every month) they can be found on their regular socials on the Lincoln strip, commonly Lola Los thanks to their membership cards.

Andy Tomlin (the treasurer) said that they ‘will be having an experienced surfer looking after the beginners’ on their monthly surfing trips to Scarborough. The recent initiation was a massive (and messy) success, consisting of drinking games, signing shirts and blank memories.

LUSST: Lincoln University Snow Sports Team

Snow Sports

Currently one of the largest societies at LincolnUniversity and frequently visit Castleford’s massive indoor ski slope XSCAPE.

Otherwise they are often found on their weekly socials into town, for some extremely messy nights, notably the upcoming Halloween night which promises to be as mad as last year. If you go out with the LUSST bunch be prepared to wake up with a hangover rivaling that of the infamous Superbull’s.