How not to get a hangover

Think you know every trick in the book? We take you through every step to ease that dreaded hangover.

I still haven’t found a hangover cure that works for me, so instead of trying to do the impossible and curing it, why not avoid getting one all together?

Everyone knows that all the best nights out come paired with a head splitting hangover the next morning. Yes, you probably think you’ve heard it all before, but we thought we’d compile a complete guide for you. Thank us later.

  1. Eat something before going out. No a lettuce leaf will not do. Head for the carbs – It will help you last the whole night and keep you from getting up feeling so grim in the morning.


  1. Stick to the same drink for the night. If you are drinking vodka at pre-drinks, try and stick to having vodka when you’re out! Mixing too many liquors will definitely give you the hangover from hell. If you don’t know the rhyme, learn it:

Beer before wine, always fine. Wine before beer, feeling a bit queer. Beer before liquor, never sicker. Or maybe they’re all bullshit.


  1. Drift towards the lighter coloured drinks, such as vodka or rum over whiskey. The darker liquors tend to have a higher concentrated amount of toxins which could contribute to your hangover the next day. Let’s be honest, we’ll be sticking to basics vodka anyway.
  1. Stay the hell away from sparkling wine or champagne. They will go straight to your head and give you the mother of all hangovers. We’ll make a special exception for birthdays, but don’t say you weren’t warned.


  1. Getting a takeaway on the way home is extremely beneficial for your head, but perhaps not for your waistline. It’ll put some food in you which will help soak up the alcohol. You could also make something when you get home, but lets be honest, cheesy chips is always a best option.
  1. Drink Water.  When you get home fill up a big bottle you may have lying around from pre-drinks with water. Put this next to your bed and aim to drink it all by the morning.


  1. With your left over money get yourself something nice to eat the next day! You’ll be hungry and you won’t be bothered to cook so McDonalds, Nando’s, or a Carvery will always seem like the better option.


8. Don’t go out.