Student gets Superbull tattoo after drunken night out.

If you’re a University student here in Lincoln, chances are you’ve popped down to Superbull at one time or another.

They’re really cunning at luring in students in with £1 vodka redbulls and the high probability that you will pull, it’s almost worth waiting in line for an hour.

One of Lincolns best student nights

However, some of us love it more than others, like Lincoln University Games Computing student Jared Pepper.

He recently returned from a lad’s holiday in Kavos sporting an impressive, yet questionable, Superbull tattoo.

Super tattoo

He told The Tab: “I was down in Kavos for a lad’s holiday and one of me and the lads agreed we would get a daft tat on the last night. So being the drunken mess I am, I went into one of the many tattoo places and asked the guy to do me a Superbull tat.

And I can’t really remember much after that, but it was a bit of a setup and I was the only one who got a tattoo in the end ha! But yeah I got it because I’m always there and I knew it would be good be a good laugh to show everyone when I got back!”

Lad’s holiday (Jared left)

We admire your true love and dedication to one of the best nights in Lincoln – they should definitely give you a free lifetime entry.