On the loose!

Police apprehend rogue swan with a blanket.

Rogue swan causes havoc outside Lincoln University, dives under a car and attracts the attention of the police.

Mug shot

One of Lincoln’s many swans disrupted traffic through rush hour last Thursday, escaping from the Brayford Quay and finding its way onto the overpass near Carholme Road.

Despite best efforts to capture the swan, it became startled and attempted to escape, however after a rough take-off it plummeted under a car.

Amazingly, this super swan survived apparently unharmed and indifferent, and continued to perch in the road.

Police to the rescue

Soon enough the police arrived with a van, a car and a blanket. The outlaw evaded further capture and ran off to towards the Horse and Groom.

The swan in action.

Earlier this year

This is just one in a long list of instances that the swans of Lincoln have created drama. It’s always exciting when a Swan breaks free, such as earlier this year in April when The Pavillions was terrorized by an escaped swan which took the police and embarrassing 60 minutes to catch. Only in Lincoln.