There was a HUGE street party in Hyde Park this weekend

Around 300 people attended

Around 300 people flocked to the streets of Hyde Park this weekend for a street party that began around 5pm on Saturday and didn’t end until 6am on Sunday.

The party started in a house’s garden, but soon flooded out into the street where more and more people joined until the road was full.

Complete with DJ decks and speakers it looks like the party of the year.

One attendee told The Leeds Tab: “When we got there I saw the most people I have seen together in one place for a very long time.

“You could barely move in the crowd and couldn’t even really hear the music over people shouting or singing.

“Although it was amazing to be all together again with so many people you knew in the same place, everyone did have slight guilt and worry in the back of their minds.”

The street party comes after the news that Hyde Park had the highest Covid case rate in the country last week, with 42 per cent of Leeds students informing The Tab Leeds that they have had Covid this academic year.

Local residents of Hyde Park have expressed their upset at the rave on Leeds Students’ Group (LSG), with one man stating his 70 year old mother was kept awake by the noise: “my ill mother hasn’t slept neither have other family members.”

He also commented that it “would be really nice for all the 100 plus to come back and give the street and gardens a clean” and added “I am more than happy to come back if anyone wants help.”

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