Every type of Leeds student you’ll meet in the library this exam season

If you’re number 4, please read the room.

It’s that time of year again…! While the current weather is making sitting in the library for hours on end slightly more bearable, it’s still overcrowded with the familiar tense atmosphere: as final years rush to finish their dissertations, first years fret over their first university exams and second years reiterate “first year doesn’t even count,” as they struggle to find a seat.

If you’re a regular in the library, you’ve definitely also encountered a ferocious typer or a loud muncher. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of everyone you might meet (or want to avoid) in the library this exam season.

1. The one who doesn’t know where their seat is

They’ve clearly never been to the library before exam season and spend at least 15 minutes wandering around level 10 before they realise they’re supposed to be on 11. Bless the poor lost souls, they’re trying their best.

Someone get this guy a map ASAP

2. The one who’s got their life sorted

Contrary to number one, this person spends every waking minute in the library, and they’ve got the booking system down to a T. They have all their seats booked at least a week in advance and always turn up looking flawless. Please, what do I have to do to be like you?

My inspiration xx

3. The obnoxious typer

Is there anything worse than getting to the library, a little stressed but feeling motivated to get your work done, and the guy next to you is literally making the table shake with how violently he’s typing? There really is no need.

Their poor fingers must be bruised

4. The one who can’t stop coughing

Seriously, babe. We’re in a pandemic. Go home.

5. The postgrad

A mythical creature in the library. They supposedly have a whole floor to themselves, but has anyone actually seen someone going up to level 13? No? Me neither.

6. The one who’s got their music on way too loud

No one wants to hear your crappy DnB at 9am, Jeremy.

At least put a banger on

7. The one who arrives and instantly leaves

Yet they never actually check out, so their seat is empty for the rest of their five hour slot. Selfishness at its best.

Wish I could go home

8. The one on the verge of a meltdown

We’ve all been there babe. Just let the tears flow. No one is judging.

Just please don’t leave your snotty tissue on the desk x

9. The loud eater

I’m trying not to cry over my assignments please, have a little compassion.

You couldn’t have gotten doritos at least?

10. The insufferable person who answers when their phone rings

First of all, why is your phone not on silent? Second of all GO OUTSIDE.

Not the time nor the place

11. The couple who are shamelessly flirting

If she giggles one more time I’m going to lose it. Get. A. Room.

12. The one who is panic chugging a red bull at 10pm to make a 12am deadline

We all know the drill. Essay is due in two hours but you’re still doing the introduction. Only red bull can save you now… or a miracle, but red bull is cheaper.

This one may or may not be inspired by true events

13. The one who’s only gone to get a Leed-ons written about them by wearing their wackiest outfits

It’s a library, not a fashion show. But that being said fair play to them, they always manage to pull it off.

Wish I could pull off this look

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