Two week celebration on UoL campus to take place instead of graduation

You can even attend in free graduation robes

In an email sent yesterday, the University of Leeds told students that they will be arranging an end of term celebration.

The event is due to commence on June 14th and last two weeks. It will be held on campus and conform to Covid-19 regulations.

The email stated: “We are arranging, for two weeks from June 14th, a summer end of term celebration on campus (with appropriate Covid measures in place). This will include street food, music and the opportunity for those due to graduate this summer – and those who graduated last year – to have official photographs taken in academic dress (with no charge for gown hire). We are also exploring what we will do online to celebrate your success.”

While this is certainly welcomed news by Leeds students, many remain perplexed by the postponement of graduation until Spring 2022.

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