The A to Z of all thoughts Leeds Uni students have had this year

Can you guess what the K stands for?

The 2020/2021 academic year has been like no other. We’ve all had Covid, we’ve all forgotten a mask and we’ve all probably had to hide from security at one point.

Then came the 10pm curfew, and it just went downhill. But now, we are on the way out, clubs are opening soon-ish (we hope), and we can finally have a Fruity Friday again.

With all of this, what better than to compile a massive A to Z list of all the thoughts Leeds Students have had this year. Onwards with the show.

A Sign for Art

Sorry Leeds, who actually calls it “a sign for art.” Let’s be real, it’s known as squiggly bacon or wavy bacon, whatever tickles your fancy. Only Southerners (or posh people) call it “a sign for art.”

Anyone who calls it “a sign for art” is deffo from beckett

Bakery 164

With or without cheese? Have the Notre Dame students taken the last of my fave sandwich? I guess we’ll find out as I spend the last of my student loan here.

Can’t hack it, go Beckett

Sorry Beckett. We do love you. But you can’t lie, it sounds good. Big shoutout to this flat in CV, you are the true champs.

Can’t hack it, go Beckett

Down it Fresher

We’ve all been in that position. Yes, it’s like being in Year 7 in secondary school again. Freshers, just make your drinks weak so when someone shouts “Down it Fresher,” you won’t be put to bed by half ten.

Eddy B or Edward Boyle?

Is it our favourite library or do we prefer the sparkly Laidlaw Library? Or, if you’re a massive Tory, Brotherton might be your fave. Did we mention Leeds Uni has five libraries? No? Well now you know. No one should ever willingly step foot in Health Sciences though… it’s the most depressive place known to man (apart from the Circuit Laundry room at Lupton).

Is a masters worth it for being able to access level 13? Probs

First year doesn’t count, right?

And with the safety net, it’s only 80 credits for a pass instead of 100 – beautiful!

Ground floor or Level 9?

You’d be surprised to know, but one of the many thoughts that goes through a Leeds student’s brain is why is Level 9 of Eddy B the ground floor? As if the layout wasn’t confusing enough, the levels make it even worse (with Level 10 technically being the first floor). Oh, Leeds, as if £9k a year wasn’t enough.

Headingley or Hyde Park?

Yes, we can all agree that Hyde Park is closer to uni, but is the extra ten minutes walk worth not living in fear that the 12 year olds with machetes are going to come and stab you in your sleep? Plus, we have a Nandos.

Is anybody coming to Woodhouse Moor?

The proper name for Hyde Park. Nothing beats a few drinks with mates in the park on a blazing hot day in July. Or sitting here on a freezing cold day with your Nupste on in February because the sun’s out and your housemate insists “you can’t waste this opportunity.”

A Leeds Uni student’s fave place to chill

James Baillie Park

The place to be for afters, pres or parties (don’t kill us). You are either proper posh if you live in the refurbished block or a complete povvo if you still have those manky green walls and grotty curtains. Sucks to be you.


Yes, the horse tranquilliser. You will almost certainly come into contact or see someone with ketty legs at some point during your three years at Leeds. Buckle up, as one of the most ketty unis in the UK, you better get used to seeing people in the k-hole.

Leodis Residences > Lupton Residences

Let’s be honest, it’s the most underrated uni accommodation. Realistically, nothing beats the 12 year olds shooting fireworks at Block E, being shouted at for sitting at the benches past 11pm or getting a parking fine, because who in their right mind would pay £150 for a permit. Soz Lupton, Leodis is deffo the better L.

Our fave celeb pictured outside of the best accom


Have you got your mask? Let’s be real, if you forget one, your day is ruined. They are needed everywhere, and whilst the LUU one is reallllly ugly, if it’s the only one you’ve got, you might just have to suffer from the embarrassment and put it on.


Need we say more? Are you a true Leeds Uni student if you don’t have a Nupste? You have two? Even better.

Oh, I’ve not done any lectures since week four

Yes. It might be week 11, but we’re students in a global pandemic, so plssssss give us a break Leeds.

Parkinson Steps

Are you a true Leeds Uni student if you haven’t sat with your Bakery 164 sandwich here, come rain or shine?

Bakery 164 sandwich on Parkinson steps = Leeds Uni initiation

Quick, has anyone got any baccy

It’s 11pm and your Juul (or equivalent) has run out. Your nicotine withdrawals are increasing by the minute, so it comes to the desperation of asking if anyone has a cig to lend you, which you promise to repay the favour one day, but you never do.

Ring of Fire

The classic drinking game, guaranteed to remove the awkwardness of meeting new people for the first time. Unfortunately, whoever downs the King Cup has a 90% chance of ending up either blacked out or in bed by 11pm.

Security’s coming

Quick, escape the illegal flat party before uni security come and steal your ID and threaten you with a £100 fine (we don’t condone illegal gatherings, btw).

Tequila Slammers anyone?

The worst spirit known to man, only the weirdos order these at spoons. A little bit more bearable if they come with salt and a lime, but I’d rather stick to my classic Tamova Voddy. <3 u Aldi.

Uni degree? What’s that

If you chose Leeds for uni, a small part of you must have selected the glorious establishment for its nightlife. Yes, we’re better than Manchester. No, we don’t need to prove it. You’ll most likely spend a chunk of your loan on alcohol to get trollied at least three nights a week, and steal a trolley for that matter.

Vaccinate me, PLEASE

Nothing will excite a student more than the text letting them know they’re eligible to go and get a vaccination. Come on Boris, we’re all waiting.

Where on earth is lecture theatre 21?

The Roger Stevens building confuses me more than trying to find my seat in Eddy B, so good luck to all you third years next year when first and second years are trying to find the right lecture theatre.

It even looks hideous too, whether you love it or hate it


Yes, adding kisses to your reply to your drug dealer might make you think you’ll get a discount, but they’ll probably just think you’re a proper weirdo.

Yeah, the question is Beckett’s Bank, Cuthbert Brodrick or Hedley Verity?

We all have our faves, but I will secretly be judging you on which one you decide to go and get a pitcher at, and of course which pitcher you get.


The Z word is most Leeds Uni students least favourite word, followed by Breakout Rooms. At least it’s better than Blackboard Collaborate though.

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