We spoke to the band who played on Woodhouse Moor on Sunday

Crowds gathered to dance in the sun as the band played from Hyde Park Road

If you were soaking up the Woodhouse Moor sun on Sunday afternoon, you will undoubtedly have been treated to a show from one of the houses opposite the park. The tunes attracted many to the spot and put a smile on several faces. So we took it upon ourselves to find out who the mysterious musicians were; meet Hyde and Seek.

Hyde and Seek were chuffed their music lifted spirits during the warm weekend, as they played from a Hyde Park road front garden. They told The Leeds Tab: “We enjoyed seeing people dance to our music”. They posted a clip of the performance to their new Instagram, captioned “Did you catch us jamming yesterday? What a BEAUTIFUL day” and the vibes are immaculate.

Another post showing the size of the crowds was captioned: “MAD scenes, thanks to everyone that showed us so much LOVE yesterday”.

Chilling in the garden via @hydeandseekband Instagram

One Leeds student said: “I was enjoying the sunshine with my housemates when we heard music coming from Hyde Park road. We went over and saw these guys playing to a big crowd of people… it was so nice seeing people come together and enjoying the music together.”

Another student told The Leeds Tab; “The crowd got involved and it was such a nice atmosphere – it reminded me of summertime!”, whereas others called the performance “the highlight of [their] day!”

Hyde and Seek is comprised primarily of Fabio Ferrea on guitar and Ben McLaughlin on drums, though there are two other members who are not publicly named as of yet.  The pair met in student accommodation in their first year at university and once they discovered each other’s musical backgrounds, began playing together. Enjoying the music they created, they decided they wanted to share it with others and have done so at a couple of small gigs.

Speaking to The Leeds Tab, the group describe their sound as “psychedelic indie rock”, with their influences ranging from Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Rage Against the Machine for Fabio, and Sum41 and Tokyo Police Club for Ben.

This is the poster for their upcoming June performance

Despite having previously played at small house parties and gatherings of friends, the pair said that the crowd they attracted on Sunday was the biggest they have played to. They said, “We enjoyed seeing people dance to our music”, and admitting it is inspiring them to work on their sound and produce more to please the people.

Though their performance was cut short by police, they plan to play on Woodhouse Moor again on the 21st June when COVID restrictions are finally lifted and people can gather in larger groups. They are inviting other musicians to join them for this date, so the people of Leeds will undoubtedly be in for a treat.

When asked about their plans for the future, their reply is short and sweet: “To make people happy”.

To find out more about the band and listen to some of their music, follow them on Instagram @HydeandSeekband.

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