We rated Tracy Beaker outfits based on how ‘edgy-Leeds’ they are

Justine Littlewood and Crash are the unsung heroes of Hyde Park fashion

Tracy Beaker is literally everywhere at the moment, but I’m not mad. The show is absolutely iconic, and a y2k aesthetic masterpiece.

The resurgence in popularity was caused by the new series, ‘My Mum Tracy Beaker’, which had 2.1 million streams in the first three days of its release, making it CBBC’s most successful launch ever. I reckon these views are mostly from people our age who grew up on Tracy Beaker, which aired from 2002 to 2005. But it got me thinking; the outfits in the original programme are literally identical to how everyone dresses in Hyde Park.

Linda Haysman, costume designer for Series One of ‘The Story of Tracy Beaker’, told The Leeds Tab: “I don’t really know why people of student age are opting to wear stuff from the early 2000’s apart from that old chestnut, nostalgia. Sure, fashion is cyclical and it’s interesting that a few keen souls are reviving the shapes and looks of what was worn when they were little rather than revising something from a previous decade before they existed. I kind of think that clothes on the whole have become a bit timeless”. Maybe we’re all just reverting to our youth?

But ever since someone compared the Hyde Park Mafia to the kids from the Dumping Ground, I haven’t been able to ignore the cultural and aesthetic similarities between us and them. My DJ neighbour looks like Lol, and that edgy girl with 6k Insta followers clearly stole her wardrobe from Justine Littlewood.

So, we decided to collect some outfits from series one to five, and rate them on how likely we’d be to see someone wearing them in the queue to send off a Depop parcel at Brudenell Road post office.

Lime green and a tie-up cardigan: 7/10

Feeling pretty “meh” about this one. Sure, Justine has nearly nailed all the elements of the tinnies-on-Woodhouse-Moor getup in this scene, but we’re not too sure about the cardi over a hooded-dress vibe (I suppose you saw it here first if it ever comes back). The lime green and tie-up cardigan would definitely be spotted in Hyde Park, but could be considered a little too basic to score highly on this test. Also, everyone else is letting the side down. For that reason, it’s a humble 7 from us.

PLT sells all of the items Justine is wearing, no cap

Fits to watch the tightrope walkers on Woodhouse Moor: 10/10

In this still, we have the perfect mix of everything edgy-Leeds, and I’m gonna take you through it step by step. Louise is the gap yah gal who still wears her trousers from Thailand to prove she’s cultured. She believes pattern clashing makes her cool and, annoyingly, it usually works for her. Zac and Ryan study Geography, hence the clipboard, oversized Depop tees, and buzzcuts. They are pretty sound guys but tend to stop saying “bro” when they go back to their Surrey homes. Peter is a similar breed, but artier and more overtly rah. He’s probably the only guy on his History of Art course, and he tries to compensate for his poshness by pretending to be into local music collectives. Finally, Justine is the y2k Bratz queen, who dresses only from handmade or vintage brands and Depop. Noughties flares and chunky trainers are her religion. Need I say more.

We’re all too familiar with this scene

Ugly vintage hoodie and a plethora of decks: 9/10

Surely I don’t have to explain this one. Ben’s a DJ but I reckon he’d actually have tunes, proven by his choice to play Robbie Williams “Let Me Entertain You” at Tracy’s surprise birthday party. Replace this banger with some obscure techno and you’ve got yourself some big summer-in-Hyde-Park energy (bring on June 21st).

Ben is cooler than any of you will ever be, stop trying

When you try your best but you don’t succeed: 4/10

Look, this outfit would be a vibe if it was on anyone but Peter. Sadly, like many Leeds uni boys, he still reeks of private school even in a beanie.

Haven’t quite shaken off the middle-class vibe

Comedown day: 9/10

This whole thing looks like a student house watching Bakeoff or David Attenborough after a heavy one at Beaverworks. Point lost for the absence of Deliveroo breakfasts and the presence of a chess board.

Bouncer went the hardest, judging by his fit

Hyde Park boys shooting for their vintage shop: 10/10

Honestly struggling to find anything which doesn’t scream edgy-Leeds in this photo. Maybe the fish tank?? Other than that, I’m pretty sure a scene identical to this will have taken place somewhere on the Hessles as the lads gather round to launch their new Depop business endeavour.

Look out for the “edgy garms for sale” post on LSG 

Not sure about the headband, Louise: 3/10

Once again, Justine has back ache from carrying the rest of the team. She’s sporting her white cardi again, this time with a hairstyle we’ve all probably seen at Hyde Park Book Club. Whilst I wouldn’t bat an eyelid at Louise’s pink sequin and headband fit in Beaverworks or on an alien-themed Otley run, it simply is not edgy-Leeds enough to score well on this very scientific ranking of Tracy Beaker outfits. Tracy also isn’t giving me very big Hyde Park energy, so this one is a miss.

Standing in the 24hr Sainos queue xo 

Kick about on Woodhouse Moor with the boys: 8/10

In the 2019 buzzcut era, this would’ve been a winner, but I’m not seeing enough mullet to give this full marks in 2021. Nevertheless, the tie dye, muted colours, oversized shapes, and general moody energy places these boys high on the edgy-Leeds scale. Costume designer Linda told The Leeds Tab: “The boys wore comfortable tops and trousers, often sports-based. Everything was very oversized and baggy”. This sounds exactly like what the men of Hyde Park cut about in.

You just know they’re playing some niche techno on a little speaker

Art history girls: 8/10

I’m terrified just looking at this picture. Look at Louise with her notes on nudity in Italian Renaissance painting, judging me for scrolling on my phone for yet another hour in the library. How do they make objectively ugly baby tees look so good?? We will never know. The air of edgy-Leeds superiority captured by Justine and Louise in this still is unmatched (stop glaring at me). Points deducted only for the lack of niche noughties designer garms.

“Ugh, I bet she doesn’t even know the difference between iconology and iconography””

Scarf tops and motif tees: 8/10

Adele’s looking like the coolest gal in Hyde Park in this fit, and that’s facts. Wouldn’t be surprised to see someone wearing Louise’s top with low-rise jeans and chunky trainers, either. Justine and Maxy are playing it safe but definitely wouldn’t be out of place in Book Club. Solid effort but needs more drama.

Waiting outside Bakery 164 like…

Edgy apprentices: 6/10

It really does look like Lol is trying to chat up Justine at a house party. His oversized, striped t-shirt and her hoops and “vintage” top are all giving me Hyde Park energy, but it does seem a bit BTEC. Maybe a little more Leodis than Victoria Road. You’ll be cooler by third year, guys. Keep going.

He’s telling her about this cool new song he’s heard called “Bicep” by Glue, but at least it’s not Maroon 5

Depop groovy chicks: 9/10

The flares, the hoops, the colour combos, the hair. Everything abut this photo oozes Bang On The Door. I’d absolutely expect to see these outfits on the rooftop at Belgrave, each with a little leather blazer over the top.

“And then he walked me home from Sheaf Street and let me keep his vintage spell out nike jumper!”

Diss meeting get-up: 12/10

The stance, the skater jeans, the nonchalance, the oversized graphic tee, and the chunky watch. He looks like he’s cool, clever, and runs an art/DJ collective in his spare time. This look takes the biscuit. Couple that with the fact this could easily be a lecturer’s office, and Crash is absolutely winning this game.

Looking like a POLIS student who’s in a dissertation meeting

Justine and Adele are the queens of Hyde Park: 9/10

These looks collide two spheres of edgy-Leeds together in harmonious matrimony. Justine is kitted out in mainstream-edgy gear; what would now probably be Motel, Jaded London, and a Depop leather jacket from one of the top sellers. Adele looks like a Fine Art student who took a gap year, dressed in an outfit which shouldn’t work but ends up looking sick on her. These girls paved the way for Hyde Park fashion.

I’m pretty sure I saw someone wearing Justine’s outfit outside OneStop earlier

The Wellards are pure edge: 7/10

Here’s one for all you goth kings and queens – we haven’t forgotten you. Little did you know, the Wellards are your spirit animals. This may be a controversial one, but I think they still fall under the category of edgy-Leeds. But by dint of being closer to emo than y2k, they’re losing points for not being basic enough.

Still terrified of these nutters

James Bond ice cream man supplying the goods: 10/10

Forget the niche DJ tracks that blast from our streets, the ice cream man who plays the James Bond theme tune is the true soundtrack to Summer in Hyde Park. We all know he delivers the goods, to say the least. This is a real life image of Leeds uni students enjoying his supplies (although hopefully the flake Dolly received was of the chocolate variety). From Bouncer’s short-sleeve-over-long-sleeve combo and Amber’s bandana, to Adele’s arty jewellery and Lol’s vintage top, I can picture this scene taking place on a grotty Hyde Park ”patio”. Therefore, this picture radiates massive edgy-Leeds energy and gets top marks from us.

Extra flake please, kind sir

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