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This quiz will tell you which Leeds club you are, really

You might put on a vintage sweatshirt and tiny glasses, but you’re still Fruity

It’s been almost seven months since we stepped foot in our favourite Leeds clubs, and whether you’re a hardcore Pryzm girl, a dedicated Mission man, or someone who just loves to get off their tits at Wire, we all dearly miss our favourite night out destinations.

But, whilst you may have your preferences, this is not a matter of personal choice. Much as the wand chooses the wizard, the club chooses the student. Despite your hardest efforts to reinvent yourself at uni, there’s no getting past the fact that some elements of your personality will always expose you as aligning with one certain club over another.

Always get your work in on time and use lots of coloured highlighters? Popworld. Mountains of dirty crockery beside your bed? Beaver Works.

So, if you’re a Fresher itching to know which club you should visit first after lockdown, or a veteran Leeds student longing to know which venue suits you most, take this quiz to find out which Leeds club you truly are: