All the best memes about the 12-year-old gang who are tearing up Hyde Park

They may have gone quiet, but the jokes are still popping off

Thousands of university educated adults are still living in fear in the student areas of Leeds, as an infamous gang of knife wielding, scooter riding teenagers continue terrorise residents.

Apparently the teenage mafia have broken into houses, knicked phones, wielded machetes, and thrown sweets at people. Local Leeds MPs have even got involved in bringing the teenagers to justice, and four young people were arrested at the weekend.

But given the recent developments, it’s been a few days since anyone has posted a tale of an attack on Leeds Student Group, so we feel it’s safe to come out of the shadows. We’ve curated all the best memes to come out of the crisis so far:

It appears they escaped from the Dumping Ground

Duke left the front door locked again, didn’t he. But seriously, who wouldn’t shit themselves if they saw Tracy Beaker and Bouncer cutting about the Hessles with a machete?

Hockey stick vs machete

Nina Taylor posted to LSG that she is “prepped for the youths”, armed quite terrifyingly with her sturdy hockey stick and dressing gown. They don’t stand a chance.

They’re sex pests now, too

So, one of them grew an armpit hair and now they think it’s okay to sexually harass women. Excellent.

Richard Ayoade will save us all

Better call 0118 999 881 999 119 725…3.

Rio’s just looking for his Maroon 5 CD

Rio, Roxy, and Chantal are clearly still being little shits.

Trigger warning: real life victim

They stole both his Schwarzkopf shampoo and his dignity.

via LSG Instagram

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