All you need to know about your fave pubs reopening in Leeds

Get me a pint ASAP

It’s been too long since we’ve sunk a pint in RPP or ordered an array of shots and had a boogie in Belgrave. Whilst government guidelines are allowing pubs to open from the 4th July, things are going to look a little different in our favourite venues and Otley runs are probably a thing of the past.

We got in touch with some of the most popular student pubs and bars in Leeds to find out how you can book and what to expect from your visit.

Royal Park Pub & Cellars

Ahh, queues outside on a Tuesday, crowded bars, and a bundle of tipsy students inside. We all know RPP holds a place in our hearts for being the literal opposite of social distancing.

RPP told us they’re opening from the 4th July, and operating at significantly lower capacity in keeping with the one metre distancing rules advised buy the government. The cellars and function room isn’t open, either. You won’t be allowed to order drinks at the bar (probably a blessing) so will have to download the Order & Pay app available for Apple and Android, and there will be no standing. Like loads of other pubs in the UK, RPP will be taking contact details from customers upon entry to help the government with Track and Trace.

Whilst the government have banned live music, DJs, karaoke, and comedy to control the spread of Covid-19, the Sunday and Thursday quiz will go ahead, but will take place on smartphones.

RPP told The Tab Leeds: “We can’t wait to get back open and see our customers again and we’re confident we’ve put measures in place to keep our staff and customers as safe as possible”. How exciting.

Keep up with what’s going on on their Facebook.

Hyde Park Pub

Another absolutely classic pub for Leeds students, we’re all super excited to get back to Hyde Park Pub and it’s cosy vibes. They’re already fully booked on Saturday 4th July from 6pm, but say there’s loads of room to book for Sunday.

They’ll be open from 12am until 10pm, with a maximum of six people per table. Hyde Park Pub say bookings are recommended to avoid disappointment, but it’s fine to queue outside to wait to be given a table. You’ll have to download the My Pub App via their website or wait for table service and preferably pay contactless up to £45. There will be lots of sanitiser stations, signage to enforce the 1 metre rule, and touch-points will be cleaned every 15 minutes to keep the risk of infection low. You’ll enter through the front door and exit through the back to help enforce their one-way system.

Hyde Park Pub say “It’s been too long between bevs” and we definitely agree.

Check out updates on their Facebook.

The Library

Another student fave, The Library are still offering food and drink for us to spend all of our loan on. They’re not opening until the 10th July but will be offering a slightly smaller menu (they insist our favourites will still be available), and booking is recommended.

Similar to other venues, Library encourage you to download their app and to pay contactless up to £45.  Again, sanitiser stations will be readily available, touch-points will be cleaned regularly, and staff will wash their hands to “Happy Birthday” twice every few minutes.

You can book a table by emailing [email protected] and find out more on their Facebook.


Okay, we know Belgrave is not strictly a pub, but they’re partially opening on Saturday and we’re excited about it. Even though the weather isn’t exactly ideal, we’re still willing to brave the rain for a spot on the Belgrave roof terrace. Withdrawals make you do crazy things.

Although menus will be smaller “until we get into the groove of things”, Belgrave say you’ll still be able to feast on Dough Boys pizza and Patty Smiths burgers like the good old times. Similar to other venues, contact details will be need to be filled in on their website after visits for Track and Trace, and live music isn’t allowed.

They’ll be using an app called Your Round to order and pay. Belgrave ask customers to respect rules about household limits and ask groups not to congregate. It’ll be seating only and there will be a one-way system in place.

Book using the online form here and check for updates on their Facebook.

Headrow House

Another one with a roof garden the rain won’t stop us from visiting, Headrow is opening it’s doors on the 4th July.

Similar to Belgrave, Headrow will be seating only, have a one-way system, sanitiser stations, use the Your Round App, and ask you to fill in details for Track and Trace online. They also encourage sticking to household limit guidelines, meaning no meeting up with friends from all different houses, we’re afraid.

You can book tables on their website and keep updated on their Facebook.

Hyde Park Book Club

So, Book Club aren’t exactly open, but if you desperately miss their craft beers you can order them for delivery to create a little Book Club from the comfort of your lounge. It’s called Hyde Park Bottle Shop and it’s really cute. They’re also offering takeaway pints.

They’re delivering anywhere in an LS1-LS8 postcode, and you can order anything from a £2.70 Magic Rock IPA to a £9.50 Omnipollo Space Food, an 8% “cotton candy pinã colada space cookie double milkshake” IPA. Wtf.

Bottle Shop can be ordered from here, and check out Book Club’s Facebook for any updates.

Original Oak

Original Oak are “coming out of hibernation” and ready to open on the 4th July. They ask you to book through their website, and you’re allowed a maximum of six people per table and four hours per booking. They’re even offering a complementary drink if you sign up to their website. Your first pint in months will taste even sweeter if it’s free.

Again, contact details will be needed for Track and trace, the menu will be slightly reduced, contactless, Apple, and Android pay are encouraged up to £45, and tables will be throughly cleaned after each visit. You’ll be required to download the Mitchells and Butlers app to order and pay.

Unfortunately they aren’t allowed to show any football in line with government advice, so you’ll have to watch the Leeds game at home.

Keep and eye on their Facebook here.

Headlingley Taps

Even though we’re expecting to see way less extravagant costumes as pub bookings makes Otley runs a little more difficult, Taps will be opening from 12pm on the 4th July. You will need to book online, which you can do here or here. They say your booking is only confirmed if they contact you directly to say so.

Tables will be reduced and there will be no standing, but we’re still pretty excited. Taps are also offering a complementary drink for people who sign up to their website.

Keep an eye on their Facebook for updates.