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Here are Leeds’ most eligible bachelorettes: Round one

These gals are WILD

After hundred of nominations and a wide spread desire for a Valentine's date, Leeds' most eligible bachelorette is back – and this is the wildest year yet.

Amongst our first round of bachelorettes, we have an upcoming BNOC, a gossip Queen and newly single gal trying to navigate the one night stand routine. So after scouting your nominations for the most popular gals, I asked for their wildest singleton stories, ideal partner and best chat up lines.

Trust me, these girls give "lady-like" an entirely different definition – and it's so much better.

Abbie Williams, Law, third year

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Meet our latest BNOC, with over NINE nominations and a job as a Triple Cooked rep, Abbie is a sure candidate for Leeds' most eligible bachelorette. Abbie is looking for a smiley Southern meme lover – and if you are lucky she might even get you on the guest list for Triple Cooked.

Abbie says, "this nomination will look fantastic in my Tinder bio". Yes, it definitely will.

Although, her mates revealed that this BNOC has a few skeletons in her closet. To start with, she accidently helped a fraud steal £18,000 from her bank account – check out her insta for more details.

And as if that wasn't wild enough, she was BANNED from Tinder because she claimed to be a thirteen year old millionaire and Brexiteer. Worry not, she made a second account and is readily available.

Holly King, Psychology, fourth year

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Next up, we have one of Leeds' wildest singles. Holly is looking for a "boozy, bad and boujee" boy with an interest in rugby and, preferably, over six foot. So basically every Beckett boy then, Hol?

According to her mates, one time Holly got so drunk on a FIRST date, the bar tender AND her date had to hold her hair back as she vommed in the toliets. Truly the best first date story ever.

If she matches with you on Tinder, her go to chat up line is probs going to be: "Hey, you're fit – do you want to be one of my boyfriends?"

Kim, Medicinal Chemistry, third year

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Kimberly isn't too fussy when it comes to guys, she just wants someone who is "tall, bald and big". Her best chat up line on Tinder is "so are you cumming over?" Simple and to the point, tbf.

Her friends say her best single story has to be when she shagged two lads in one night, and wait for it, the boys LIVED TOGETHER. I wonder if they saw her jump between rooms? Well, at least the guys would have had one hell of a debrief the morning after.

When asked what makes her Leeds' finest single, Kim says "ease of accessibility." Interpret that how you will.

Shyon Blake, Fashion Marketing, second year

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Shyon is our chilled out fashionista – she cooks, loves a night out and is the queen of hibernating in bed. She says, "I always have energy to back any motive and I still manage to find time to look THIS good for uni and get some of my assignments done. I'm a walking miracle really."

According to her mates, one time Shyon was dancing with a guy on a night out, he gripped her arse, pulled too hard and nearly tore her arse apart. Charming? He then proceeded to leave his expensive glasses and polo hate at hers – so, of course, she sold them.

Shyon even admitted to being taken out by a guy she served at work and then the next day, his girlfriend walked into her work. Wow, poor Shyon.

Lucie Phipps, Philosophy and Economics, second year

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Lucie wants a "tall, tanned and tasty" guy. This singleton had a very traumatic experience with her first one night stand since her long term boyfriend. The poor guy couldn't even get it up, her mates even said it wasn't just drinking – it was ED.

Lucie says her worst single story is when she fancied her mate – bad start- and then had sex with his housemate – oh it just gets worse. Then she saw the guy she actually fancied in the corridor and gave him an awkward post sex hug. Well, that was a car crash of a situation.

Someone give Lucie a good date please, the girl has been through enough single trauma.