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These are the things you will only know if you live in Hyde Park

You’re guaranteed to get your house burgled at least once

High crime rates, rowdy students, and two Sainsburys' locals within a three-minute walk of each other. What more could you want when looking for your first student house?

After spending a while in the Hyde Park bubble, you begin to learn that it's an area like no other. You'll never understand the true beauty of Hyde Park until you've lived there.

Here's a definitive list of everything you know if you've ever lived in the infamous Hyde Park.

You're guaranteed to get your house burgled at least once during your time there

… and your scummy landlord probably won't do anything about it.

24/7 Sainsbury's will be your best friend

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Fancy a snack run at 3am? Yeah, go on then.

You have a collection of lighters with drug dealers' numbers printed on them

You can't fault their advertising.

Walking up the hill to uni will NEVER get easier

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Take this from a third year who still gets out of breath when reaching the top.

You'll hear random loud bangs at all hours of the day – and you will never know the cause of them

Is it a firework? Is it a gun shot? Who knows.

Royal Park Pub will be your second home

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How is anyone supposed to turn down £1.75 for a vodka mixer on a Tuesday?

You will fear for your life any time you leave the house past 8pm

Sometimes the trip to Sainsbury's just isn't worth the risk.

And although it can be scary at times, you wouldn't want to live anywhere else

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We love you, Hyde Park.