Fresh appeal for blood donations for Thailand traveller Lucy Hill

Lucy will be undergoing more surgery this week

The family of Lucy Hill, the Leeds Beckett graduate who was injured in Thailand last Saturday, are continuing their appeal for anyone with A Negative blood in Chiang Mai.

The appeal, started by her travelling companion Lauren Hall, went nationwide and resulted in people queuing outside the hospital to donate on Monday.

The plea was aimed at travellers and expats, as less than one per cent of Thailand’s population share Lucy’s blood group.

Sue Raleigh, Lucy’s aunt, has said her niece has had two transfusions so far.

These vital transfusions allowed the surgery on Lucy’s pelvis and a procedure treating the bleed on her brain to be performed.

However, her aunt told the BBC: “Nowhere near enough blood has been donated. She’s going to need more.”

Lucy briefly awoke at one point, but was sedated after becoming distressed.

Lucy’s friend Lauren has said that although they have been told the blood stocks are good, “people can still leave their details at the Rajavej Chiang Mai Hospital if they are A Negative.”