The Terrace smoking area is the best night out in Leeds

Don’t bother getting a Fruity ticket

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The Terrace smoking area is the shit. We’ve known that for a long time now, so I think we should stop skirting around it and just embrace it.

Riddled with random picnic benches and vaguely familiar faces, the outside of Terrace is a glimpse of solace amid the chaos of the Leeds nightlife scene.

It’s a place where “I think I recognise that guy from halls?” is commonplace, and you don’t need to worry about what time taxis are coming – because it’s so close that you can bloody walk.

If that isn’t enough of a sell for you, did you forget that it’s completely free? Leeds isn’t short of venues in which you can waste £5 to queue in the cold Yorkshire drizzle to enter to a small, sticky room swarming with sweaty, slightly-too-drunk freshers.

This is where Terrace smoking area is a refreshing change of pace, allowing you to converse and flirt rather than just bump and grind.

And if you do fancy venturing further afield, Terrace is so tactically located it’s only a short staircase away from three post-Terrace beauties – Fruity, Essentials and whatever that fast food place is called where Jaldi Jaldi used to be

Fruity, the natural progression, for when you’ve had one too many and want to listen to louder music in a bigger room (or you don’t want to go home alone). Essentials, for when you just went to Terrace for a revision break and need to buy some flashcards. Finally, nondescript fast food, to keep you going on that long walk to Zulfi’s in Hyde Park for the main course.

The beauty about the Terrace smoking area is that you don’t even need to smoke to enjoy it – double vodka coke can be your cigarette, and the company can be your nicotine.

You can step out into the fresh air, with the faint sounds of the DJ’s banging tunes in the background, and cast your gaze upon campus at night (and that weird bit of Lyddon where people are always standing outside and smoking).

Canal Mills, you’re too cool for me. Beaverworks, you’re too far. Mission, you’re not worth £7. Space I’m a bit scared of and Pryzm, well, I’m not from Beckett.

In my opinion it’s about time we gave Fruity’s underappreciated cousin, Terrace, a bit more love, and admit what we’ve all been thinking: the only night out we need is in the Terrace smoking area.