Residents are planning to limit the number of students in Headingley

They’ve drawn up a ‘Neighbourhood Plan’ about it

What it’s like to date an identical twin

It’s like having two girlfriends

The Terrace smoking area is the best night out in Leeds

Don’t bother getting a Fruity ticket

Walking out of a lecture because of a video? Stop being entitled brats

From one Politics student to some others

Politics students staged a mass walkout after their lecturer put on a video

Apparently they didn’t pay £9k for YouTube

What does the wavy statue on campus represent?

‘It’s an homage to the art of crispy bacon’

Clubbers of the week

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear

Leeds’ fittest freshers: The boys

Feast your eyes on these guys

Tatler’s guide to Leeds Uni is tragically misguided

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Apparently E is for Eating

The cats of Hyde Park don’t love you

These four-pawed fraudsters are just stealing your food and using you, you mug

Uni loses its Edge as gym work is weeks behind schedule

Fitness nuts furious at ‘joke’ refurbishment – and fees are going up too!

Campus Street Style

The Tab photographers headed out onto campus to snap some of the most stylish students.

Campus Street Style

The Tab shoots some snaps of our style savvy students