What’s the worst thing about Leeds Uni?

Vote for what makes your time at Leeds a living hell

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There’s a lot to love about Leeds Uni. From the Essentials meal deal to level flirteen, our institution of choice is good to us – but sometimes, it’s not.

We thought we’d get to the bottom of that burning question by finally giving you the chance to answer: what’s the worst thing about being at Leeds Uni?

Roger Stevens

Have you ever seen a more confusing floor plan? The Roger Stevens building is the bane of many a Leeds student’s life, especially because it feels like the only lectures which ever take place there are 9ams. You’re still hungover from HiFi, you’re running slightly late into uni and then BAM, you have to try and navigate this mess of a building.

Why are there so many fucking doors? Why is the ground floor number eight? It just doesn’t make sense. You’ve probably missed your lecture now you’ve spent so long looking for your room.

The seventh circle of hell

Students who live in town

We’re meant to live in Hyde Park. Yeah, we get it’s practical for you – but what happens when we want to come round for a cuppa, or even worse, get partnered with you in a group project? When we have to schlep to your snazzy-looking accommodation it only to reminds us what a shithole we live in when we get home. You’re a student – act like one.

The Union not selling bottled water

We just don’t really understand why. People keep explaining there was a vote or something, but it’s just too boring to take in. What kind of person votes against water? You think to yourself “You know what would go nicely with my Salad Box, a nice cool bottle of water” –  well the Union doesn’t care if you’re thirsty. They’ll shit all over your dreams of perfect lunch and won’t even bat an eyelid.

Not good enough

Beckett hoodies

We get it, you’re trying to claim the term Beckett to make it seem like your uni isn’t as pants as it really is. But do you have to wear them so close to our campus? It’s not like we’re slightly jealous that you get your hoodies for free and we have to pay around 23 quid for ours.

The location of the Hidden Café 

The Hidden Café is known by many. That is the main issue.

The temperature of the libraries

When you get dressed in the morning, instead of consulting the weather outside you should follow the weather forecast of the library. Library-goers know that your choice of outfit may see you never returning back to your house due to death caused by erratic library temperatures. The Brotherton is always too cold, the Edward Boyle is always too hot, and the Laidlaw flits between the two like it hasn’t made its mind up yet.

The wavey statue 

This sculpture looks like Leeds University has just reached puberty. Maybe in a different colour it would be a bit more aesthetically pleasing, but right now it just doesn’t make sense. And we dread to think how much it cost.

The Terrace burger

It’s not a burger. It’s a wrap. 

The Edward Boyle

Hear us out. We all shed multiple tears when we found out dear Eddy B was closing. But guess what? It’s still open, and manned by people telling you to shush. This makes us feel like absolute twats for getting so upset about it apparently closing, and also a bit guilty that we’ve all moved over to the Laidlaw.

The chewing gum recycling pots

These are agitating simply because of their ineffectiveness. How many people have you ever seen recycling gum? Exactly. Also the idea of it all mingling into one big gum ball is really unappealing.

The Laidlaw beehives

For starters there are only there of them, so it can’t really be helping the matter of bee extinction that much). Then there’s the matter of not being able to get onto said terrace to see the bees in action. THEN you have smug people Snapchatting the hives/terrace gloating over their great view and the fact they sacrificed sleep to get to the library in time.

However, the most aggravating part is that there are never enough seats in Laidlaw, and yet there’s an entire fucking terrace for some fucking bees.

Royal Park Road

It’s akin to climbing Everest – not something you want to do in the morning. Or any time of day, really.

That everyone looks/is the same

Everyone put their hand up. Now put your hand down if you’ve ever had a top knot. If you’re from North London. If you skateboard. If you own a bucket hat. If you’ve ever worn glitter on a night out. If you own a piece of clothing by Nike, Ellesse or Addidas that you wear on non gym days. Congratulations Leeds, no one has their hand up anymore.