The library is just too damn hot

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Both Edward Boyle and Brotherton libraries have been way too hot for some time now and it’s time that someone finally told the truth about this massive injustice.

The libraries both have an environment that could support desert bacteria and that’s not good when you’ve got tons of research to do, and the last thing anyone wants to do is pop on some Hawaiian shorts and sandals just grab that textbook from the Modern History section.

Deodorant is a handy device you could bring down to the library, because when the humidity of the place makes you feel like you’ve just completed a marathon in Libya sweat patches will inevitably arise and ruin your day.

At the time of writing massive pools of perspiration that could quench the whole of Africa monopolize the armpits – and that’s not something I want to have whilst reading up on post-1945 British colonial policy.

You’ll need water too, and lots of it. The waterfalls of perspiration that drip effortlessly from your skin somehow need to be replaced. Having Niagra Falls for armpits is certainly not something you want when you’re checking people out on level thirteen.

It dumbfounds me that anyone could call these libraries a great learning environment. I’m tired of closing doors triggering Saharan winds and the periodical hot flushes that encapsulate my body when I enter the Eddy B computer room.

This guy has the right idea

The atmospheres of both libraries are actively dissuading me from doing work, so my shitty exam marks are on your hands Eddy B.

This assassination-by-thermostat has to stop. If we have a particularly hot summer we may see students melt as if they’ve just opened the ark of the covenant.

I really don’t want to exit the library a liquidated mess every time. Squelching across the Brotherton foyer to the exit is hardly helping me maintain my dignity.

Literally the only refreshing library in Leeds

The cool breeze of a Toshiba RAS-167SKV-E5/RAS-167SAV-E5 AvAnt 4.5KW 16,000btu Wall Mounted Inverter System is the only thing that is going to help me complete this degree.

If you feel the same then support my campaign by using the hashtags #Aircon4Brotherton and #Artificialbreeze4EddyB. I don’t give a shit about Health Sciences though.

Together we can liberate both libraries from this molten oppression.