Why is the Terrace ‘burger’ not a burger?

It’s a wrap, in case you’re wondering

The time has come to address the questions that students have been asking for centuries.

For some unknown reason, Terrace chooses to serve their “burgers” without a burger bun, rendering it very much not-a-burger-anymore.

Clearly not a burger

Yes, if you’re being pedantic the menu does state, “all our burgers are served in a plain tortilla”, but who has time to read the small print in this new fast-paced digital era?

I need those valuable reading seconds for something important, like Instagramming a picture of a ready meal, or sending a Snapchat of one of my friends asleep in a lecture.

The misleading menu

In any case, surely the fact that it’s in a plain flour tortilla makes it a wrap? Or perhaps some wrap/burger hybrid?

I visited the crime scene yesterday with some friends, and someone made the unfortunately mistake of ordering that they thought would be a delicious ‘Peri-peri chicken burger’.

The victim, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “I was really looking forward to my burger, and was sadly disappointed when it came and looked like someone had deflated the buns.

“It took me a few seconds to realise they weren’t buns at all, in fact it was actually served in a wrap.

“I’m not really that bothered to be honest, it was actually quite nice and I do like wraps.

“Please don’t write an article about this Kiran, it’s not a big deal”

No answer as of yet

My quest for answers has so far been fruitless, but I know I’m not the only one who suffers from this liberal use of the word ‘burger’.

I only hope that future Terrace diners take the time to read the menu in full before parting with their hard-earned money.

Third-year and part-time food critic David Cowlishaw agrees. He said: “To be presented with a bunless burger for me sums up the avant-garde nature of modern day Leeds cuisine.

“To blatantly flout the conventional rules of burger production in this way is brave in the extreme. Heston Blumenthal does not work at Terrace, nor does Spongebob Squarepants.

“In fairness, it was bloody delicious.”