BNOC 2015: The Final

Vote with your heart


You voted in force, and the first 16 have been whittled down to four. However, only one of these campus heavyweights can win the coveted crown of BNOC 2015.

Who comes out on top? You decide.

Tommy Pritchard

The sleeping giant Tommy fought off his rugby team-mates to comfortably win Group One. The fourth year is also a big dog in cricket and is said to have clocked up “more hours in Old Bar or Terrace than any other current student”.

A man who “Lives and breathes Leeds University”, a victory for Tommy here would be seen as a huge coup for the BNOC status of Leeds’ sporting elites.


Ryan Bell

Having taken almost 50 per cent of the public vote in a shock victory in Group Two, Bell’s no-holds-barred modelling obviously gained him the upper hand over some of Leeds’ media titans.

Described by his nomination as “our Mockingjay” and a “soldier of equality”, Ryan is a champion of equal rights at Leeds Uni who clearly has the people’s backing. But is it enough to win him Leeds’ very own Hunger Games?

Melissa Owusu

Melz is indeed back, and looking to finish the job. The hip-hop luminary and all-round lyrical genius dominated Group Three, and has returned to claim the title of BNOC 2015.

She’s been “part of RAG since day one”, she’s been a POLIS course rep, and she’s soon to take over as your new Education Officer. Perhaps BNOC 2015 will soon be the crowning glory on that list.

Art Sejdiu

He’s one of our own. The man with the mic obliterated his competition to sail through to the final. Second-year Art became the defining voice of the General Election with the most recent Boozenight.

The Politics student can count on the support from his army of fans in North London. Our generation’s Louis Theroux can now no longer walk the streets of Leeds without people recognising him. He’s really tall as well.