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Beloved Edward Boyle parody account ejected from FemSoc

Leeds University’s dormant prince is no longer welcome

How to get over 100 likes on your graduation status

If it’s not on Facebook, did it actually happen?

Vote for the best Otley Run costume of the year

One of the themes was ‘Naked’

Victory for Tab campaign: Georgerella WILL go to the ball

Horse and carriage yet to be confirmed

The definitive guide to the new Laidlaw library

There’s no level flirteen

Desperate final year swallows pride in plea for Leeds Ball ticket

‘I’ve always been a positive guy, but I’m beginning to lose faith’

These final years have written a song about what they’ve learned at Leeds

It’s actually quite emotional

We showed the fresher who got stood up some of your fan mail

You’re all creeps

Chivalrous strangers step in after fresher is stood up on first date

‘Kind of like Tinder, but on a Freshers page’

Broadcasting Tower second year rescues guinea pig left for dead in her bins

‘My first assumption was that it was dead’

Goodbye Eddy B: A fond farewell to Leeds’ favourite son

Only the good die young

BNOC 2015: The Final

Vote with your heart

BNOC 2015: Group Three

They’re all more important than you

BNOC 2015: Group Two

The most important vote you’ll cast this week

You comin’ up m8? Leeds gallery displays chewing gum art

Got any chuddy

How to prolong your time at Leeds

Breaking up is hard to do

These Leeds uni rugby boys will teach you first date etiquette

What is the definitive best colour for a Ralph Lauren shirt?

We are now in the era of the Vine moron

And if you laugh at them, you’re probably a moron too

Is there anything less kinky than the word ‘kinky’?

Your mum probably uses it

Toke Dahler is your new union affairs officer and he’s a really big deal

It’s Toke, and he’ll fix it

Anarchy in the Hidden Café

Masked robbers cause havoc on campus

This week’s BPOC is a dog with a topknot

He’s more Leeds than you

Someone is driving the car from The Inbetweeners around Leeds

It even has a ‘Pussay Patrol’ sticker

Why can’t people at house nights keep their tongue in their mouth?

And why are we writing about it

LUU election posters, reviewed

Hidden Café this year, Tate Modern next

This week’s Big Pet on Campus is named after a French philosopher

He’s probably smarter than you

This LUU candidate’s election video is more gangsta than the rest

What’s cooler than being cool? The fountain outside Roger Stevens

The Leeds RAG Fashion Show was full of beautiful people

The bloke on the saxophone was a highlight

Ed Miliband promises to slash your tuition fees to £6k

And raise your maintenance grant by £400

My week as a vegan

Apparently you can’t even eat eggs

How uni is Leeds uni?

Essentials isn’t that essential

Has this man robbed you?

Police manhunt for elusive Hyde Park mugger

Is Leeds turning into London?

‘They both begin with an L’

Chestnut Avenue is the most dangerous road to live on in Hyde Park

Hessle View and Norwood Road are the safest

The promo video for the Leeds RAG fashion show is here

You’ll never be this pretty

We spoke to the guy who’s ‘bringing a bit of East Village to Hyde Park’

‘The bartenders on Call Lane all think they’re rock stars’

Remember Tequila? It’s coming back as ‘Sambuca’

It’s happening again

SHOCKER: Halo announces it is ‘closed forever’

This time, it’s for good

Strong Men on Campus: The testosterone-fuelled life of the student powerlifter

Do you even lift?

The Leeds RAG Fashion Show Christmas vid is here

It’s full of all those societies that you were too lazy to join

Meet this week’s BPOC

Nahla the kitten loves catnip and hates Beckett

A definitive ranking of the Otley Run pubs

We got pissed so you don’t have to

BPOC: Check out this week’s Big Pet on Campus

They’re more popular than you

I can’t grow a moustache for Movember, so I’m drawing one on

Anything except a Hitler is fair game

I got naked for David Guetta and now he won’t speak to me

A Guetta doesn’t always pay his debts

Poodunnit? Mystery assailant leaves smelly surprise in Hyde Park house

‘It was no accident. It was a full on drop-your-trousers, squat-and-dump’

Former Bed nightclub site to be turned into hipster haven

No more Bed, two more bars

CIVIC BRAWL: David Cameron attacked in Leeds

Man claims he was just out for a jog

Meet the man behind the facebook phenomenon Humans of Leeds

Apparently he does a lot of walking

Headingley Crimewave: Neighbouring houses burgled four times in a fortnight

Terrified St. Michaels Lane residents plagued by opportunistic thieves

No laughing matter: Nitrous Oxide suppliers attacked with baseball bats in turf war

Innocent drivers assaulted by men in masks

Cockpit owners to open new venue The Key Club

Rockers everywhere bang their heads in celebration

Weeds University: study uses stoner students as guinea pigs

Researchers to pay students who smoke weed

What even is a Gryphon anyway?

Leeds Student is changing its name. Yes, again

Odd socs: Inside the UK’s strangest societies

The Freshers Fair is a minefield – choose wisely.

Farewell to The Cockpit: Leeds rock institution to close

The Cockpit is set to close its doors for good after twenty years

Tequila is back – but does anyone care?

The real question here isn’t whether Tequila should have been allowed to reopen – it’s whether anyone should care, argues Bobby Palmer.

The rise and fall of Tequila, Britain’s rowdiest clubnight

The UK’s most infamous clubnight is on its last legs. We tell the story of Tequila, the Leeds institution that ran out of friends.

The rise and fall of Tequila

Britain’s most infamous clubnight is on its last legs. We tell the story of Tequila, the Leeds institution that ran out of friends.

Stranger than Fan Fiction

Bob Palmer sacrifices his reputation with his internet provider to bring you the weirdest sex stories out there

Campus Safari: Wedgy Girl

We take an in-depth look at one of Leeds’s best nurtured species

Campus Safari: The Fresher

Campus Safari turns its attention to one of the most populus and most basic species during first term.

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This week The Tab gets up close and personal with Uni’s most volatile beast yet.

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BOB PALMER guides you, our beloved reader, on how to make the best of a bad situation.

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The Superbowl and You

It may just be an excuse to get drunk but at least pretend to be interested in what’s on the TV

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Campus Safari: Hyde Park Hipster

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Review: Django Unchained

Bob finds out what Tarantino has to offer us: a welcome mix of American history, unbridled violence and flawless performances make it a very early contender for the best film of 2013.

Review: The Artist, Hyde Park Picturehouse

Bob Palmer checks out what The Artist is all about

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