David Cowlishaw

David Cowlishaw
Leeds University


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It’s time to recognise the Lad Bible comment section for what it is

The worst thing on the internet

What Flora baked: Week three

Her ‘bread dress’ looked like the wicker man

NOS to become officially illegal in two weeks after teen’s death

Selling baloons will get you seven years in prison

I tutored the highest-paid footballer in the world

‘He didn’t have the best attention span’

Second year named as Tunisia attack victim

Joel Richards died along with his uncle

Breaking: Man arrested in Slovakia over Beeston rape

Police tracked him down on a European arrest warrant

Leeds uni takes another surge up the rankings

We’re the best in the country for Mechanical Engineering

The Greggly Run: I ate at every Greggs in Leeds

Not exactly a cakewalk

I completed the Greggly Run, eating at 13 Greggs stores in one day

Not exactly a cakewalk

Azeem Ward gave Leeds uni a shoutout

‘With your support, I have continued to pursue my passion for music’

Football boss’ daughter drops out of uni over abuse from fans

Leeds owner claims disgruntled fans targeted her

How to pretend you’ve started revising

A few new highlighters will help you lie to yourself

BNOC 2015: The Winner

Guess who it is

Leeds’ best bums 2015: The girls

Vote for your peers’ rears

Woman fights off sexual assault in Burley

It happened near the Skyrack pub

This week’s BPOC is a Tory hamster

Look at its little face

We stayed in Old Bar until 6am to watch the election and it was kind of beautiful

‘If I wasn’t a woman I’d be throwing some punches’

BNOC 2015: Group Four

If you’ve not been nominated you’re nobody

Best Bum 2015: We’re looking for Leeds’ tightest tush

Vote on a completely different set of arses this May

Mac Book Pro: Radio 1’s Annie to headline Leeds Ball

I haven’t heard of ‘Kitten and the Hip’ either

BNOC 2015: Group One

They all nominated each other, how cute

I’m a beer snob and you should be too

What kind of man doesn’t keep ale in his home?

Hydesenberg: ‘Blue ket’ appears in Leeds

They’re not minerals

Which cheese is your uni?

This isn’t very mature

Important: Which cheese is your uni?

This isn’t very mature

Richmond Avenue house party shut down by police

Guests were invited to bring a ‘bag o’chems’

Joyless app tries to stop you drunk dialling

You can still text though

Why are SUs so irritatingly twee?

Stop trying to be cute

BNOC of the year 2015: Get your nominations in

It’s a shameless popularity contest

‘I’m afraid to go into uni after I was nearly abducted’

The Leeds first-year was attacked in Yeadon on Sunday

Campaigners sleep rough outside the Union

Chilly and charitable

Spiders nest discovered on Essentials bananas

They don’t look very a-peeling

How much has uni changed in the last 40 years?

If you’re at Leeds, not a lot

Leeds TV show accidentally drops the C-Bomb at 8am

It was in a ‘how to pull a lady’ segment

Union and Gryphon row intensifies

Deep down they love each other

LIVE: Follow our Union Exec Elections blog

We know how much you care

The Women’s Militia are back

They’ve still got some stuff they wanna say

Man cleared of manslaughter over death at house party

The incident happened on Ash Grove in 2013

Leeds protester dragged off after disrupting Crufts finale

He held up a sign which said ‘Mutts Against Crufts’

We are now in the age of the uni campaign video

They’re here to stay

The Leeds Union election video awards

They’re a really big deal

Man arrested after Woodhouse Lane rape

He handed himself in this afternoon

SU election hopeful takes down posters that make him look like Hitler

Many did Nazi the resemblance

We’ve reached the pinnacle of LUU election videos

He knows it might be wrong

Arrests made after brutal attack outside Mission

Police appeal for help in finding a second man spotted on CCTV

I had a pint with every country at the Cricket World Cup

Okay, not everyone had a pint

Leeds Ultimate Frisbee players called up for Great Britain

Much to disc-uss

These new flats will be nicer than where you live

They’ve got a concierge service

Leeds’ first Cereal Cafe opens

If you’re in the moo’d

Lecturer’s uni profile tells students they’re going to hell

‘I reckon the salvation of the awful, grotty inhabitants of Planet Moron is very urgent’

Hyde Park casanova makes naked posters in a desperate bid for a Valentine’s date

He’s only met her once

Tab writers read mean comments

We love you too

These are the people our uni buildings are named after

Learn some history

Here’s the latest BPOC

It’s a cute rabbit called Julie Andrews

LUU made a £42k loss last year

The union building plans look lush though

Should we be naming a library after this man?

Controversy over former peer’s tax-exile history

Meet Leeds Uni’s Pointless champion who nearly scooped the big prize

So close

Clucking hell: Leeds Uni boy throws live chicken through Maccies window

The RSPCA suspect fowl play

Exclusive: Sambuca reacts to backlash

It continues

FemSoc ‘disappointed’ at Tequila relaunch

They’ve had enough

Get Baked pranksters hack Halo Facebook page to slam Pryzm and Control

It continues

It’s snowing again

Leeds is covered in white powder

Halo closure sparks Quids In confusion

We love them both equally

Now the Union are giving us free fruit

Fridays have just got even fruitier

Here’s the first BPOC of 2015

It’s a rabbit called Dog

The Daily Mail think out of depth Leeds Medics are going to operate on your nan

‘It’s not like they’ll be letting them perform solo brain surgeries’

LUU to get multi-million pound investment

You probably won’t be here when it’s finished

Revealed: The most unhygienic takeaways in Leeds

I’ve looked death square in the eye and asked him for some Garlic Mayo

Uni spend over two grand on Christmas trees

To be fair, they do look lovely

Are these unis better for nights out than Leeds?

A survey says Bristol is better than us, time to pretend we’re not bothered

Library desk hoggers are ruining uni

I just want to sit down

Two charged with murder of Leeds Uni student

Thai court charges two men with murder of David Miller and Hannah Witheridge

Wetherspoons apply to ruin the Otley Run

Middle of the road pub chain want to be in the middle of our road

Second-year’s Andy Tate app tops downloads chart

It only took him a week

Cheesy busker serenades campus

Still better than the Leeds Beckett advert

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You know you want to

Chilla of the week: Dave, Hyde Park

He does so little he’s famous for it

DECEPTION: Criminal masterminds target vulnerable students

Are these the cleverest criminals in West Yorkshire?

Union campaigns to tackle Leeds sex pests

LUU aim to stamp out sexual harassment in Leeds clubs

SHOCK: Rugby social gets a bit rowdy

Some of them did a poo

Desperate club promoters resort to deceptive texts…again

They’ve officially run out of ideas

Bin blown up on brudenell

Residents thought it was a bomb

DEVASTATION: No Gryphon today

Ten points from Gryphon-dor

Now club nights pretend to be the NHS

Get. Their. Attention.

Chaos at lad culture debate as feminist thrown out by man

‘There are pricks out there who are going to rape you and you’re more of a target when you’re drunk’

Militant Feminists kidnapped our sex doll

Move over FemSoc, the ‘Women’s Militia’ are showing no mercy

My house party was so good the council gave me an ASBO

Did yours?

Leeds top for Media (thanks to The Tab)

Yeah, we’re definitely taking credit for this

Fire on Woodsley Road

Bins at Leeds house set ablaze

Man arrested over Majestyk fire

32-year-old in custody after blaze at former nightclub

Fire in the city centre

Flames billowing out from former nightclub Majestyk

You drink way less than the people in the year above

Alcohol sales in the Union are down 37.5%

Leeds storms up uni rankings to highest place ever

And we’re runner up in University of Year

Top tips for graduates from Norfolk legend Alan Partridge

Essential life advice for students leaving uni, courtesy of the Mid Morning Matters DJ.

Promoter apologises over ‘100th conquest’ photo

Danny Harrison says he is ‘pretty distraught’ after Facebook storm

Uni student beats the competition to win Miss Leeds

Leeds University student wins local crown and will compete in Miss England this June

Snoop Dogg coming to Control

World famous rapper to visit Leeds as DJ Snoopadelic

Get Baked moving next door to soon-to-close Halo

Popular takeaway moving to Woodhouse Lane in September.

Leeds climbs nine places in Uni rankings

A good year for Leeds Uni as we make it all the way up to 23rd.

Halo to close

Iconic Leeds nightclub to shut its doors at the end of May.

Merrion Centre to open UK’s first indoor trampoline park

The ultimate revision break: Former Leeds cinema to hold 6,500 square foot of trampoline