Former Bed nightclub site to be turned into hipster haven

No more Bed, two more bars

In a move sure to fill many young upstarts in Leeds with glee, the former site of student favourite Bed is to be turned into two new trendy bars.

The venue under renovation

At its prime, Bed was one of the most popular nightclubs among Leeds clubbers until it closed in late 2013, leaving the venue empty.

But the new £1.5m investment, made by two separate companies, will see the building completely transformed.

Arc Inspirations, the team behind Otley Run staples The Arc and The Box, will be taking over the Merrion Street side of the building.

Their new venue will be called  Manahatta, a New York-themed music and dining experience that was being touted yesterday by a Marilyn Monroe lookalike in a vintage yellow cab.

The other half of the building, on New Briggate, has been bought by Demon Leisure, the brainchild of two former Leeds students.

Though The Brotherhood of Pursuits and Pastimes conjures up the image of moustachioed men in tweed smoking pipes, it will actually be a sports bar with HD screens and headphones for what they describe as an ‘intimate viewing experience’.

The bars do not open until next week, giving us ample time to anticipate just another place in Leeds to enjoy pricey craft beer.