Students caught getting Fruity in Union nightclub

Two students, including one Union worker, were kicked out Fruity for having sex in the middle of the club


Most of us choose to quickly get a taxi home when we pull on a night out. 

But two Leeds students just couldn’t wait, and were spotted having sex right in the middle of Fruity last Friday.

An onlooker told The Tab how they saw the happy couple from a balcony overlooking the dance floor in Stylus, the main room of the Union club.

But staff quickly broke up the blossoming romance and kicked the lovers out.

One of the students is believed to work for the Union and was described as being “very drunk.”

They are now awaiting a meeting with Union staff later this week to discuss the incident.

But it’s not the first time Leeds students have been caught with their pants down inside the University.

Last year a couple were overheard having noisy sex in Edward Boyle library.

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