The week I became a lesbian

ELLIE CLARKE gets intimate with Leeds’ lesbian scene


It’s a golden rule that you have to mess around with your sexuality at university. A drunken kiss with a flat mate or spooning with one of the lads all counts but it has to be done.

So this week I decided to get over the prejudice and get under some girls.

I wanted to start talking to the LGBT society so they could help me out with great gay nights (the thought of going to the “Backdoor Disco” and “Homo at Mission” alone was making me feel very nervous.) Apparently though this was “A sensitive subject for our society be involved in press articles” I thought the society would want to bat for our team but considering they didn’t even know what The Tab was anyway I didn’t hold much hope.

Undeterred, I managed to find out that  Queen’s Court on Thursday night for “U Pop” is the gay equivalent of Fruity. I got dressed up and was bladdered by the time I was there, though I was told that this wasn’t a prerequisite…(Stupid Amber Cars). Jeni stepped up as my wingwoman for the night and I had the best time.

I had to fight the boys for the podium and Lady Gaga was played on the loop but in general everyone there just wanted to have a good time. Outside in the smoking area we were drunk enough to ask girls why so many live up to the stereotype of shaved heads, shirts and jeans – for many it’s because they don’t want to be approached by greasy guys or it’s a way of spotting other lesbians.

I seriously got into the role of it all, rubbing up against anyone who would have me – I quite fancied this girl actually and put on my moves asking for a kiss… until a much larger not so attractive grenade came up to me and told me they were engaged. Awkward.

The girl dressed in a full batman suit was getting my bedroom eyes but I ended up settling for this girl at the 2 o clock drop.

As a change of scene, rubbing up with transgenders and being out danced by the guys was so good, there were a lot of old preying men out though and as a student I could imagine that being quite uncomfortable.

Obviously I can’t imagine how difficult it is to be a lesbian but from what I’ve heard there aren’t enough nights outs in Leeds to meet other girls and the haircuts are a way of securing who they are.

Could I switch guys for girls? Yeah potentially, I woke up the next morning and I’d already got a couple of texts from some girls I was chirpsing and that never happens.