New studio flat student accommodation ‘scaled down’ amid concern from Lancaster Uni

The pitch has been reduced to 388 studio flats

The development of a new set of student accommodation blocks has been resubmitted to the city council on a “scaled down” level, following concerns from the university and residents.

Originally proposed in June, the buildings are set to join land between Caton and Bulk Roads. In order to complete this build, Dana car wash has had to shut down to allow space for what originally was going to be a 433-bed accommodation building.

The positioning of the new building aims to “improve” the Northern Gateway area. With the accommodation set to be completed with a multifunctional gaming room, a yoga studio, and outdoor space.

Primus Property Group has re-submitted their proposal to instead contain 338 studio flats. This will reduce the height and size of the development, as well as reduce the number of flats by 95 units.

However, Lancaster Uni has raised questions about the need for “higher end” accommodation.

A spokesperson for the university said: “We would like to see the provision of a mix of accommodation rather than studio accommodation to promote economic diversity.

“This studio proposal seems to be aimed to the higher end of the student residential market.

“The university works hard to maintain rent levels across the city and prevent rent increase across the sector for the interest of all students especially with the current economic situation and affordability.”

If the revised plans are approved, the development company hopes to have completed the new accommodation blocks to be rented out for the October 2023 intake.

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