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Every assumption you make before coming to Lancs uni

Love u lancs xox

This will be a flashback for most of us, so hold onto your hats, people…

You've just received your A-Level results (well done, hun) and you're off to uni! Let's go! You're excited for this new chapter but you've heard all of the assumptions and you wanna know the expectations VS reality of uni life.

"I'll meet my best friend during freshers week"

(Flatmates don't count, big love guys.) If we're honest, we don't really remember most of freshers' week so we can't remember whether we had a drunk conversation with my potential bestie or not. Everyday you look at your Snapchat friends and you don't even know half of the people in there lol. Group chats are such a good way to meet new people and helps you put a face to a name who is very active in the chat. Until week four, and then you have every chat muted. Every. Single. One.

"I NEED to do all of the set reading"

False. Once you arrive most of your lecturers don't bother asking about the reading so basically you've wasted all of that time. Love that.

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"First year doesn't count anyway so I'll be fine"

Yes to an extent. But this doesn't mean going out and getting smashed every night. Trust us. Your liver and future self in the morning will thank you greatly. Although this doesn't mean stay in your room 24/7 watching Netflix (you know who you are). Get out and make some memories! Or don't. Whatevs.

"I'll learn to cook"

Once again, false. We live off cheese toasties, pot noodle and pasta. I ring home on the daily to ask how to cook different things and I'm not even ashamed. Us students have a reputation for living off ready meals and takeaways, when we have the money and if I'm being honest, that's a rarity and a luxury. Shout out to your mum for teaching you that you can't microwave a chicken xoxo

"I'll join the gym and stay fit"

What's a "sports centre" lol?

Literally haven't been to the gym once since moving here. It's just so much effort and a such a trek… Also, it costs money and as a student, what is money? We love and miss u

"Student loan day will be a lifesaver"

When that money comes in, we all act like millionaires for the day – buying shots for ANYONE (why are we like this?) on nights out and being able to afford to eat. Time to buy the outfit you have had your eyes on for months, right? Wrong. It is very important to learn to budget. Maybe put some of that bad boy in your savings?

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So that's it. Some of the assumptions we had about about uni and until we got here, we didn't realise how wrong we were lol.