Quizmas day 11: Which Christmas drink are you based on your personality?

Everyone wants to be Prosecco don’t even lie

It’s Christmas and that means that it’s the time of year when the drinks are flowing and everyone is having a good time.

Although students definitely tend to favour whichever drink will have you feeling the most tipsy without having to splash much cash, everyone wishes for even a sip of Prosecco for their flat Christmas meal.


Some of us just drink cider all year round, completely unfazed by the array of festive choices available at this time of year. If they don’t have a can in their hand they just can’t relax properly and will never be fully persuaded to be lapping up the Baileys.

Eggnog is the most traditional of all the drinks but its is not often anyone’s favourite, but those that love it consider it as their indulgent guilty pleasure. These are usually the type to go all out at Christmas, shoving the mistletoe in your face at any possible opportunity.

There are so many Christmas drinks to choose from and each one says a lot about a person. Have you ever wondered which Christmas drink best suits your personality? Take the quiz below to find out.