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These Lancs students have made a campus parody of Ariana’s 7 Rings and it is iconic

Ariana Grande is unrelatable af


By now, it is very likely you have seen Ariana Grande’s new music video, or heard her new song 7 Rings, which has reached nearly 47,000,000 streams on Spotify and over 56,000,000 views on YouTube. If you haven’t yet seen it, go and watch it now.

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What an un-relatable queen

Watching this video, it became clear to us that, as Lancaster uni students, we could not relate to, well, any of the lyrics. Unlike Thank u, next we could not sing along with passion but simply sadness, leaving us feeling very poor and depressed.

As students, we cannot relate to ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ or ‘bottles of bubbles’, because who can afford that? Breakfast at Greggs and bottles of cheap vodka? That is more likely. ‘My smile is beamin’, my skin is gleamin’? Yeah, right! If you can afford premium skincare. As you can see, the opportunity for a parody was too good to be true.

We wanted to give students something they could relate to. Something that would resonate with them. So we did, check it out below.

What started off as a joke soon became a reality as we transformed the lyrics and began recording. We asked some of our friends if they would participate, and though we anticipated many no’s, we got a flurry of yes’s. Students are clearly up for anything. Especially at Lancaster.

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Some people we managed to rope into joining our girl gang

In her song, Ariana expresses how there ‘ain’t no budget when I’m on the set’, telling of how much money is put into her music videos. In true student style, our budget was £0. So, how did we pull it off? Well, it turns out that the iPhone camera was perfectly satisfactory for our needs, despite running out of storage space multiple times; a housemate supplied us with his gaming microphone for that excellent sound quality, and our actors and extras were not paid for their work.

We even managed to get a bouncer involved on Friday night in Sugar, filming with us for the crucial line, ‘Student card is my favourite card cause it gets me into Sugar’.

The editing process proved to be quite a challenge due to my aged laptop being very slow and glitchy, which I suppose was fitting with the lyrics of our parody.

Let’s just say, the results of our footage and editing were much better than we had anticipated. I would say that we put more effort into this than we put into our essays which is probably concerning but definitely worth it.

If you are also finding Ariana Grande’s new song extremely unrelatable or even if you just fancy watching some Lancs students making utter fools out of themselves (nothing new), then check out our video on YouTube on our channel ‘Bec and Trina Take on Uni’ or watch it above.