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Here are some of the definitive Lancaster Bin recipes you need to try for your next social

The tale of Lancaster’s best kept secret for socials

Throughout time, university life has consisted of socials ranging from white t-shirt socials, anything-but-clothes socials and chav socials.

These socials exist within each university, becoming as ingrained as fresher’s week and not attending 9am lectures.

There is, however, one social that seems to have remained solely in Lancaster terrains: the iconic bin social.

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The Running Club Bin

The Concept

The premise to 'The Bin' social is very simple: you buy a (clean) bin or a similarly sized plastic container, and provide to fill it up with various alcohol and mixers to create the legendary bin. Afterwards, everyone drinks from the bin with plastic cups and bask in its divine glory.

The Two Versions

'The Bin' itself is usually comprised in two different ways: the first (and probably less sophisticated) is the ‘do it yourself’ version, in which everyone attending the social is tasked with bringing a mixer and a spirit each.

The second involves a recipe being followed in order to create a fine beverage that has the sensation of juice but stings like a bee. The latter description shall be the one that I’ll be addressing moreover I will also be revealing one of the most highly used Ancient Recipes (but recently adapted for cost effective purposes).

The Recipes

There are ENDLESS recipes to create a successful bin. Below are some of our favourite (now not-so-secret, although these are only some of the bin VERSIONS the clubs have) bins from different sports societies at Lancaster:

1. The Swimming Club Bin

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The Swimming Team

> Smirnoff Vodka: 8 bottles

> Peach Schnapps: 4 bottles

> Cranberry juice: 10 cartons

> Orange juice: 10 cartons

= 'Sex on the beach' Bin serving 25 swimmers (which can all be bought from trusty Aldi). This is probably the most basic bin and the easiest to make if you're doing a last-minute one.

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The Swimmer's Recipe

2. Pendle Netball Bin

The Pendle netballers really know how to hit the drink hard. For a kind of tropical punch (that will get you EXTREMELY drunk ever so subtly) this one's for you.

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Pendle Netballers 2017-18

ONE of the alcoholic recipes they have is as follows:

> Peach Schapps: 1 bottle

> Sourz: 1 bottle (a flavour of your choice but they recommend apple)

> Pear Cider: 12 cans

> Mango Vodka: 1 bottle

> Sambuca: 1 bottle

> Plain Vodka: 1 bottle

> Original Lambrini: 4 bottles

> Tropical Crush: 4 bottles

> Lemonade: 2 bottles

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Pendle Netball's Alcoholic Bin ft. their social sec Imogen

HOWEVER, for the non-alcoholic drinkers (who REALLY want to make it to their Thursday 9am or just want to do very well at uni) Pendle netballers have brewed a special recipe in their cauldrons for you:

> Apple juice: one bottle

> Cherryade: two bottles

> Tropical pop: two bottles

All of the mentioned drinks can be bought from whichever shop you find nearby, but Aldi is, once again, the cheapest option.

3. The Running Club Bin

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The Running Club 2018-19

For a more specific recipe with a LOT more alcohol, why not give this bin a try?

> Triple Distilled Vodka

ABV: 37.5% Bottle Size: 70cl Store: Aldi

> Cocobay Rum & Coconut

ABV: 15% Bottle Size: 70cl Store: Aldi

> Old Hopking Dark, Spiced and White Rum

ABV: 37.50% Bottle Size: 70cl Store: Aldi

> Passionfruit Gin Liqueur

ABV: 20% Bottle Size: 50cl ABV: 20% Bottle Size: 50cl Store: Aldi

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Running Club recipe

> Highland Black Scotch Whisky

ABV: 40% Bottle Size: 70cl Store: Aldi

> Castellore Sicilian Pinot Grigio

ABV 11.5% Bottle Size 75cl Store: Aldi

> Toro Loco Spanish Rosé

ABV 12% Bottle Size 75cl Store: Aldi

> Taurus Original Cider

ABV 4% Bottle size 2 litters Store: Aldi

> Sainsbury's Dark Fruit Cider

ABV: 4% Can size 10x440ml Store: Aldi

Carton of the ‘The Juice Company Juice’

5 Cartons, Store: Aldi

Fizzy drinks

Sainsbury’s lemonade the pink and the cloudy as well as Fanta (both types) Store: Sainsbury’s.

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Putting the Bin together

Well there you have it the Secrets of the ‘BIN’ revelled (if you pardon the pun), I can only hope that this well-kept secret of Lancaster University spreads across the UK, so that other universities may bask in its holiness.