What a balls up: Netball courts to close indefinitely

They were closed following a health and safety ‘slip resistance assessment’

Anger spread like wildfire across campus last week at news that netball courts will close indefinitely.

They all reached for the pitchforks in protest with this sudden closure halting both the college netball league and all training sessions.

The sports centre declared the closing of the courts is for the safety of the student as the super slippy surface didn’t reach the England netball standards.

Don’t wanna mess with these girls…

Pendle captain Anna Davis raged: “Everyone is so annoyed because the sports centre should have sorted this sooner rather than later. We were told the issue was being looked into. We feel the sports centre are using the fact this is the only place we can train to our advantage”.

The sports centre are currently offering the tennis courts for training, but many are unable to attend as the training times have clashed with lectures.

Raise your hand if you’re in favour of new courts…

Head of Sport Kim Montgomery says: “It is with regret that we have had to temporarily close the netball courts on Farrer Avenue.

“As part of our health and safety checks, a slip resistance assessment has been carried out and it has concluded that the surface does not quite meet the England Netball court standard.

“We apologies for the inconvenience this will cause but at all times our students wellbeing must be the most important factor in our decision making.

“The remedial works to correct this have been approved and will be carried out as soon as weather conditions allow. In the meantime the courts adjacent to the tennis courts have been made available as will indoor sessions where availability allows. I have met with those affected and have agreed a way forward until we can reopen the court”.