I asked people on the Strand pickets for their coolest UCU Strike anecdotes

There are DOGS on the picket line, people! This is not a drill!

For two weeks, King’s students, staff, and many others have been demonstrating outside of KCL Buildings in support of the national UCU Strikes.

As someone who supports the strike (and desperately wants to be friends with all her striking teachers), I’ve been on the picket lines outside of Strand and Virginia Woolf Building this week.

Fortunately, in my busy schedule of academic revolution I’ve found time to ask fellow protestors: “What is the coolest thing you’ve seen on the UCU picket lines?”

Dr Turner gave a shoutout to VWB Picket’s ‘spectacular carrot cake’ yesterday, and more importantly to our VWB band Virginia and the Four Fights, who’ve been serenading the Strand Building with singalongs to some absolute bangers (Dolly Parton, anyone?).

Ah, why not, have a video too!

One of the highlights for Dr Connor was Mark’s dog Dodger who made an exciting appearance on the Virginia Woolf Building picket line last week.

Here are some of UCU’s other puppies of the picket line…


Meanwhile, Dr De’Ath was a big fan of this sign made by Strand protesters…

One of third year English Undergrad Ellie’s favourite moments was when she briefly hijacked the picket line speakers with her homemade Harry Styles playlist. Yikes. Fellow English Undergrad Dylan relished the opportunity get involved in a teach-out about heat insulation, whipping his top off in the middle of Kingsway in the name of education.

Dr Balani said the best strike anecdote was today’s bizarre alternate universe where Princess Anne crossed the Birkbeck picket line… on the same day that Labour MP John McDonnell came to join their ranks.

Can we get some famous faces at the Strand pickets too? Is Shakira available tomorrow, or?

Dr Roberts has been loving the enthusiastic response we’ve been receiving from drivers who pass the ‘Honk 4 Workers’ sign outside Virginia Woolf Building. Apparently the 521 buses have been super supportive today. So! Many! Honks!

Dr Birchall talked to me about the amazing biscuits baked by a supportive ex-King’s-student using a 17th century recipe.

I’m lowkey mad that I’ve been missing all these baked goods…

And on a heartwarming final note, Dr Franklin told me the coolest thing he’s seen on the picket line is the overwhelming amount of support and solidarity for the UCU Strike from so many students and staff across all departments.

To find out more about the strike and how you can get involved click here.

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