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STOP whatever you’re doing: the Strand is getting a Spoons

It’s finally happening

The moment we have all been waiting for: the Strand is getting a Spoons.

The Strand will be perfectly situated from your walk from King's building to the Maughan library at No.222 Strand – opposite the Royal Courts of Justice.

The building previously known as "Britain's most beautiful bank" is about to become "Britain's biggest and prettiest Wetherspoons".

The building is considered as one of the oldest Lloyds Banks in Great Britain and it has been one of the most visited places by amateur photographers for interior shootings thanks to its fascinating decoration.

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However, it is surprising that the project can be associated with the building's history goes back all the way to 16th century.

The new Spoons's official opening has not been declared yet but it is considered to be one of the biggest ones in addition to other 900 restaurants that the company already owns. It hopes to accommodate 591 customers.

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